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Feb 15, 2022
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You already know that the best betting software loves to explore the weird world of sports, and today we will talk about a curious issue with the Katar World Cup.

Those who traveled to Qatar for the World Cup 2022 and intended to watch the games with a beer will be sorely disappointed. For two reasons: the first is that alcohol consumption is prohibited inside the stadiums. The second reason affects your pocket: beer is very expensive there, at least for western standards.

A digital influencer shared with his followers that he spent more than 360 dollars buying 25 beers. According to the Beer Index 2022, Qatar is the country with the highest average price of beer in the world. The rules in Qatar on drinking, however, go far beyond the World Cup.

The Drinking Rules in Qatar

Alcohol is not illegal in Qatar. However, there are very strict rules and zero tolerance for drinking in public and getting drunk in collective spaces. These two behaviors are considered a crime and have punishments: drinking in public places can earn a prison sentence of up to six months and/or a fine of about $795.

Alcoholic beverages can only be purchased in some licensed premises, such as restaurants and hotel bars. According to the country's regulations, only people over 21 are allowed to consume alcohol.

Visitors arriving for the World Cup are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages from their country, nor are they allowed to shop at the only liquor store in Qatar, which is located near Doha.

Fifa has also made an agreement with the Qatari government that stadium bars will be closed during matches. However, fans can buy drinks (such as wine, beer, and spirits) before and after the matches in specially designated places. According to Qatar World Cup CEO Nasser Al Khater, these spaces will be places "to ensure that they [the consumers] stay safe and are not harmful to anyone.

The problems created by this situation

This situation regarding the rules for alcohol consumption in Qatar has generated a good deal of "headache" for Fifa for a very specific reason: Budweiser has been a sponsor of the tournament since 1986, in Mexico, and has exclusive rights to sell alcohol inside the stadiums.

Initially, Qatar had agreed to relax some of its rules on the sale and consumption of alcohol during the World Cup. However, eight days before the opening of the championship, on November 20, Budweiser received an order from the government requesting that its beer stalls be moved to more hidden locations.

The order reportedly came, as reported by The New York Times, from the Qatari royal family - specifically from Shaikh Jassim bin Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, brother of Qatar's ruling emir. The determination involved concern that the excessive visibility given to alcohol at the World Cup would create problems for the local population.

Two days before the start of the tournament, a new ruling came: the sale of beer and other alcoholic beverages was completely banned in all eight World Cup stadiums.

Budweiser made a statement on Twitter, but later withdrew the message.

The moral of the story: there's a madman for everything. We hope you liked this short little piece, and if you did, stay tuned because bettingsoftware.com will be back soon with more great content for you!
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