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What will happen after 50 years? Will some countries disappear? Will there will be another war?


Nov 9, 2014
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I cant sleep and i need to occupied my mind. Lets talk about this for now.
What will happen after 50 years? Will some countries disappear? Will there will be another war
There will be no war that is human against human but there will be a war that is human against machine, for sure. or there will be cyborgs and real hover boards i'm talking about hover board like in back in the future.
I believe thet there will be no war.. just pest and virus with may affect world population
As if we already see that wars are constantly going on. Russia attacked Ukraine. Turkey goes to Syria. People will not calm down in any way, but it would be better to do something else. The world would be better done, not wars unleashed. I'm studying economics, the financial market, stock exchanges, cryptocurrencies and social networks. Recently, I have been studying Twitter algorithms. As we know, it is constantly being improved, and this all affects the content. Twitter also expands its capabilities, pumping them. If you are not up to date with updates, follow the link https://gbc-time.com/amp/news/twitter-works-on-custom-algorithm-control-and-more66454.html, here is an interesting article.
There will be many wars in the world in 50 years for sure. It's 30 at the moment.
I wish for no war in the near or far future. But how things are going? People are too bored about their lives, atrocities are becoming daily practices.
The way people's mind becomes twisted is alarming.