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What is your favourite TV series theme

Glenn Middleton

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Mar 22, 2020
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What is your favourite TV theme, and open to different types of TV shows ( westerns, comedies and so on )
I will start the ball rolling with Eye Level, the theme for 70s TV show Van Der Valk.
Ratched series is cool. I watched it steadily, time flew by unnoticed. It is not for everyone, many will think that this is some kind of cruel nonsense. But I see something more in this, a very high-quality picture, it does not load, although it keeps it in suspense, everything is beautiful, juicy, and of high quality. And of course, everything is exaggerated here, black humor, you need to understand it. I think this is a very worthy novelty, everyone played just fine! I recommend!)
Definitely the Witcher series. When I saw this movie I said wow ....I was very impressed with the scene and the characters I hope for a 3 season with the same characters