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What is the best mobile app for football betting tips?


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Mar 15, 2020
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Please name only the application.

Apps that anticipate more than 90% of the right options
Actually I prefer stats24. It will help you to know Football Stats, Odds, and Betting Predictions. The database of this app contains the detailed statistical information on football competitions.
You are both registered from the same ip. I will just leave this to show what people should not do when they want to promote their websites.
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Also used stats24 before for a long period of time, but after my friend told me there are many other ways and started using like this option on my android device. It works without lags and never had problems with withdrawal process, that what is the most important to me. First period I was a little nervous but as time passed understood it is really worthy. My friend gambled approximately 10 days before me, so I was not sure for 100%. WE both like gambling and the most important fact that we win, even tough we don’t agree with our decisions often, but that’s because of personal preferences regarding players and sport clubs, ha-ha.