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What is Rollover?

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Feb 15, 2022
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Here we are again, diving into the basics of betting, and today bettingsoftware.com will talk about Rollover!

To do well in the gambling world it is very important that you understand what rollover is, a term you tend to hear a lot. Rollover means "to roll over", meaning that you need to roll over your money a certain number of times before you can withdraw your bonus.

Despite the funny term, it is a very simple concept that you will easily learn here.

Why is rollover required?

It would be very easy and convenient to make a deposit in a gambling site, earn the bonus and then withdraw it to your account, isn't it?

That's why betting sites need to require in their terms and conditions that some roll over of your bonus is fulfilled: Once fulfilled, your bonus is converted into cash and then you are free to withdraw bonuses, no mysteries.

Moreover, even when there is no bonus involved, the bookmakers are not banks, the money is in the account to be used, and this is where the rollover comes in, which also contributes to help prevent money laundering.

How rollover is enforced

Let's say you deposited $200 at a bookmaker and got another $200 welcome bonus, you will need to rollover the total amount of $400. Bookie currently requires a rollover of 5 times, within 60 days, at minimum odds of 1.80.

Since the rollover is 5 times, you will need to place $2,000 in wagers to release your money for withdrawal.

This does not necessarily mean that you have to place exactly 5 bets of $400. In fact, it would not even be appropriate for your bankroll management. You could, for example, slice the amounts into smaller $20 bets. This way you would have more security to fulfill your rollover, making it easier to reach the required amount of bets.

You must also take into account which markets will be chosen to make these bets and the chosen odds. In the case above, we are considering odds of 1.80, but this can change from site to site. There are bookmakers that also determine which types of bets you can make, such as "1x2" market, "more and less goals", "double chance", among others.

And after considering the total amount that needs to be bet and the minimum odds, it is always worth noting the time to meet all the requirements. Some betting sites do not require a minimum rollover period, but in our case, which is being used as an example, the period is 60 days.

Making a simple calculation: reaching the maximum limit of 60 days, you would have to bet in average $33.50 ($2,000 divided by 60) per day to fulfill the rollover in the determined period, at minimum odds of 1.80.

Tips for rollover compliance

To help you, we have separated some important tips so that you can fulfill the rollover stipulated in each betting site:

1. Read the terms and conditions of the bookmakers

Before putting your money in any bookmaker site to win bonuses, know what you will have to face to fulfill your rollover. Therefore, ALWAYS read the terms and conditions of the promotions available in the bookmakers, because there you will have the information of how many times you must roll over your bonus, in how long and what are the minimum odds.

If you are a beginner in the betting should take into consideration to pick a house that does not have a very high rollover of many times, besides the time to perform it. A rollover of 5x in 60 days with minimum odds of @1.80 may not be too difficult for you.

Always keep an eye on the terms and conditions, because there are houses that offer terms almost impossible to be realized, as rollover 15x in 15 days (yes, it exists).

2. Plan your bets

Think that you need, for example, to fulfill a rollover in 60 days, betting R$ 1,800.00. For this, it is necessary that you plan your bets so you can fulfill the rollover in a timely manner and not make meaningless bets when you notice that the time for fulfillment is ending and you may lose your bonus.

Divide the number of days you have to bet and also observe the calendars of the competitions. If you have to bet $ 1,800.00 in 60 days, it will be $ 225.00 in bets per week, so you can see that it is much lighter and it will not be so difficult to find good games.

3. Bankroll management

It's not because you won an amount in bonus that you think you can put all that money in the trash by making crazy bets. If you think so, try to change your perspective. Even if it is with bonuses, make a bankroll management on this value, so you can start in the right way if you think of being a great bettor in the future. About bankroll management, the following video can help you.

4. Search for betting information

Who has never bet on the Congo U-19 championship without even knowing what the game was about? You just saw the game was on, looked at the statistics, and voila! You've made your bet! Well, many people have been through this, but if you really intend to be profitable in betting, you need to think about getting the information about the games and betting with clarity and knowing the reason for that bet, without using "guesswork". Trust me, this way you have 80% more chances to succeed.

We hope this helps you understand what is rollover. I know it sounds very basic, but many people still have trouble with this, especially if they are just starting.

Good luck and make sure to open an account with the best betting software to make the most of your journey into the world of betting.
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