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What are the Different Variants of a Seven-Card Stud Game?


Aug 25, 2021
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The Seven-card stud game is a collection of different variants, as mentioned below.

1. Mississippi Stud Poker

This variant of stud game is invented to make stud games more suitable for pot-limit and no-limit games. It also eliminates the fourth and fifth streets of the betting round, limiting the game to four rounds only.

2. Down the River

This is one of the most basic rounds of the seven-card stud games that can be seen playing in most of the casinos and online poker rooms.

3. High Low

Under this variant, the hand needs to split the pot with the lowest qualifying hand. Players are used to dealing with the five holds to make high and low hands.

4. Caribbean Stud Poker

In this variant, players play against the house rather than playing with each other.

5. 8-Or-Better-Stud

In this variant, the player with the highest hand wins the game alongside the players with the lowest hand.