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West Ham hoping to tempt Beckham


Jun 21, 2010
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West Ham's co-owner David Gold believes David Beckham could play a key role in the club's bid to move into London's Olympic Stadium after the 2012 Games.

Gold hopes that the Leytonstone-born Beckham would be the ideal ambassador to help the club win the right to move into the new facility – and he also suggested the 35-year-old could end his playing days with West Ham.

"David Beckham could play a massive part, because of his roots, in helping West Ham win the Olympic Stadium," Gold told the Sunday Express. "And maybe he can still play for us in the autumn of his career.

"For him to join a club like us and help us bring another dream to fruition would be perfect for everyone. "

Gold says that the club have spoken to Beckham's representatives in an attempt to secure his help. "We've had conversations with his people and made it clear we want him aboard," said Gold.

West Ham would like to move into the Olympic stadium for the 2013-14 season and would share the ground with Essex county cricket club, who hope to stage Twenty20 games there.
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