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Weird Sports You Can Bet On

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Feb 15, 2022
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What is the most bizarre sport to bet on? It's hard to say. One could argue that watching a game of chess would be strange enough, or maybe even curling. Maybe you enjoy betting on sports, but want something more exciting than soccer and basketball, so check out the list that bettingsoftware.com has prepared for you!

World Beard and Moustache Championships

This is an annual competition for who has the most masculine facial hair. The contest has been organized since 1990, with only men competing until 1999, when women were allowed. It is held every year during the Oktoberfest in Germany! You can bet on which manly man will win the most prizes.

Dog Racing

Horse racing is obvious, but dogs? Dog racing is a sport that can be found in many countries, the most famous being England. Dogs must pull their owners for about 20 meters before turning and running back to them. There are also elimination rounds where one dog runs against another - you can bet on which one will win!

Rock Paper Scissors

Yes, you are not wrong. It is possible to bet on this popular game. Two players play and the spectators bet on who will win.

Tic Tac Toe

This is the same story as above. The old man's game was even visible in casinos, until it was forbidden to place bets on this game.


This is one of the oldest games in the world. It has been played for many years and there are people who bet their money on the chess players' moves! It may not be bizarre because this is a skill-based game, and if you dive into it, you can become familiar with the players and their skills.

Goat Racing

Many countries have strange sports that involve animals - one of them is goat racing. Goats are funny animals. It is hard to make them do the things we want them to do

Lawnmower racing

This one is a real gem. In the USA, lawn mower races are quite popular and there are even national championships.

Chasing cheese

I bet you've seen this competition where hundreds of people chase the block of cheese down the hill. They are rolling in a really chaotic way, and there are always few ambulances present, because the race often ends with a few broken arms or legs, rips, cuts and bruises. But what can we do if the task is to get the cheese.

Egg throwing

Those who have a lot of experience in throwing eggs at other people's houses will be happy to know that this is also a sport! You can buy an egg-throwing kit and practice with your friends.

Catching bananas thrown by monkeys (yes, really!)

You may think it is a joke, but it is a sport and you can bet on it. In this competition the rules are simple. A monkey will be sitting on a platform and the participants must try to catch the bananas without using their hands, but only with their teeth.


This is called Finnish baseball, but it actually has a Latin feel to it. You will find that the ball used is not round, and each player in only two rounds can hit up to three home runs. The field is not shaped like a diamond, but the shape of a house drawn by a child.

Pig Fight

This one is not strange or difficult to bet on, but it is so bizarre that you need to include it. In this competition, the goal is for participants (a maximum of two) to grab an animal and bring it back to the finish line using only their hands.

Nerf Dart Tag

This game was invented by Hasbro in 2000, and there are tournaments around the world for this sport with soft-tipped darts. Nerf guns are also popular in the game.


This sport is also known as "sledding" and is played sitting or lying inside a long, flat tube that has been pulled over a snowy mountainside. The rider will then sled down the hill with nothing but gravity helping him!

Chicken Bingo

This one may be a little better known than the others, but it was worth including. The game is played like regular bingo, and in this case if you hit five numbers on the card with chickens, you are usually rewarded with some kind of chicken treat or prize. The chickens are the ones who pick the numbers on the board by stepping on them inside the cage.


The favorite game of Harry Potter fans. Quadribol is a game played on broomsticks that involves two teams of seven players, each trying to pass the ball through one of three hoops at each end of the field. The player in possession must either throw the ball from his side and take it to score points, or try to prevent them with the other team intercepting the ball. The game is played in three different sets of seven-minute rounds, and the team with the most points at the end wins. The ball can be passed between players as long as one hand is on it, you cannot kick or carry an opponent's broom, interfere with another player around a hoop while he is trying to score.

There are many bizarre sports around the world, and in many of them you can place your bets. From children's games, through strange variations on common games, to chasing cheese down the hill. Some people bet on these sports because they are difficult to predict. Others just want a little adrenaline rush, and that's the thrill of betting!

Now, for traditional sports, the best option for you is to open an account with the best betting software with no transfer fees!

Cheers and until next time!
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