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Valubet systems


Jun 3, 2022
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Are there any people who came up with effective methods to beat the bookmaker? Each of us has their own system and I still have to learn about other methods of the game
Arbitrage betting is the best bet. You need to have accounts at multiple bookmakers and track the odds, find ways to guarantee profit, no matter the outcome of the event. Easier said than done but some people find arbitrage bets sometimes.
I think it works like this, let's say there is a real vs barça match and ps3838 for example has odds @1.8 for barça to win while dafabet on the other hand the next have odds at @1.3 for real to win. Here we see that if barça wins your total return on both bets will be 50 euros. That is to say 80-30, on the other hand if the real wins or draws your money 100 euros is refunded. And I believe that here it is clear that being refunded is better than losing.