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Understanding Draw No Bet (DNB)

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Feb 15, 2022
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In the course of your betting journey, someday you will hear someone say "I just entered DNB in favor of such and such a team".

But what is this DNB? Where does this acronym come from?

Well, bettingsoftware.com is here to help you get an answer!

Basically, Draw No Bet means that if there is a draw, there is no bet.

It means that the bet will be cancelled in case of a draw and the amount you bet will be returned to your account at the end of the game.

Draw No Bet in Practice

Let's consider that we want to place a DNB bet on a Premier League match between Chelsea vs Tottenham.

The match was at half-time, and we hadn't placed any bets yet, but we liked Chelsea's attitude until then. However, Tottenham was also putting the game in danger. Looking at the odds, he thought that the visiting Spurs could surprise in that duel.

Although Tottenham was not favored, we decided to place a DNB bet in favor of Spurs. The odds were very attractive and we would get our investment back in case of a draw at the end of the match. Check out how they were in this DNB market at the time we placed the bet:

DNB Chelsea 1.42

DNB Tottenham2.45

We have chosen to bet on Draw No Bet in favor of Tottenham, with a possible return of 145%.

If the game ended in a draw, his bet would be returned and the balance he bet would go back to his account. Should Tottenham win, we would win the bet.

The only chance of losing the investment would be if Chelsea won. Note that in this case we wait until the end of the first half and analyze the match in more detail, but nothing prevents you from placing a bet on this type of market before the start of the duel.

Advantages and disadvantages of DNB

✅ When you find odds with some balance between the teams on the 1x2 market is when it is usually worth the "DNB".

✅ Another occasion when it is interesting to bet on DNB is if you want to bet on the victory of the team with the lowest chance of winning. This way you keep a valuable bet, but with less risk of losing money.

✅ When you realize that a draw is a very possible result in the game under analysis.

✅ When the favorite to win a match is losing in a live match.

⛔ In the case of having one of the teams well favored in the game, the "DNB" on that team will be at very low odds and this type of bet will be worthless in the long run.

DNB to Protect a Bet

If you bet often, you have certainly experienced one of the most frustrating situations:

you are winning a bet, but in the 45th minute of the second half the team you bet on suffers a draw. Or even worse, you've made that giant accumulation, got 9 games right and the 10th game ended in a draw, preventing you from winning that jackpot.

It would be great if there was a way to bet on the team you think will win, but protect yourself in case of a draw, right? That's where the "DNB" comes in!

What if the bookmaker doesn't have the DNB market, but you want to protect your investment by betting on both one team as the winner and an equalizer?

In this case, bet on one team winning and the tie at the same time.

That was all for today, but we'll be back here soon with more. For now, just remember that you can make the most of your betting life with no fees by opening an account a the best betting software!
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