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Tips to bet on Football(Soccer) without losing: Top-notch Betting Strategies Discussed

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Jul 11, 2008
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Are you a bettor who has accrued significant losses in football betting? Are you tired of making vague guesses at the outcomes of football matches? Do you want to learn top-notch betting strategies that are used by professional bettors to make profitable betting decisions? If your answers to the aforementioned questions are resounding Yeses! Then you are where you should be at this moment, this article will explain the most unbeatable Football betting strategies that you can employ, so you can start making money.

What are Betting Strategies?​

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A strategy can be defined as a plan of action that is aimed towards the accomplishment of a goal. A strategy can also be a smart approach to a somewhat difficult or technical undertaking. Purpose-driven people always draw out strategies when they are gunning for a mission since these already drawn out strategies serve as a game plan or a map that directs their path, so they continually stay on track without veering off. Strategies are often utilized in most other ideas and concepts and in basically any endeavor to which one seeks a desired result. Forex traders and traders of Cryptocurrencies usually have good trading strategies before setting out to trade. Strategies are also employed for some other things like following a weight loss regimen to get the most efficacious result.

In the same vein, good betting strategies are a carefully drafted course of actions that a bettor must follow so that he can start getting positive results. The theme of this article is more particular about football but in reality, the betting strategies that will be discussed in this article can also be used in other sports.

Some Proven Betting Strategies​

  1. You should have a good knowledge of football: The importance of having a good knowledge of football can never be overemphasized, you should constantly be on the lookout for the team who is the favorite to win as defined by statistics based on previous team performance. You should also make your personal research on other factors that can affect the outcome of a football event such as whether the team you are throwing your money on are playing in their home stadium or playing away from home as it has been known that some football clubs tend to strive hard to avoid being defeated at home by improving their game play on home soil. Also, consider how important that particular match that you are about to wager on is to the club and what the manager feels about it — sometimes, a manager may even go to the extent of resting key players in the team if he wants to make those players better prepared for a more important future match or because of any other reason. As a smart bettor, you should be on the lookout for the last minute changes that a coach makes to his team since these changes can influence the eventual result of the game.
  2. You have to be the 'Math Guy: This doesn't mean that you should have to learn complex mathematical calculations, instead, it implies that you have to know how odds can be used to obtain implied probabilities for every potential opportunity that you can spot.
  3. Never let emotions rule you!: Ever heard the saying: "follow your head and not your heart?" What this implies is that you should never let emotions cloud your judgments. That's why there are facts-based metrics to guide you through your decisions. Do not let pathos of frustration wrap you enough to make you give in to shallow decisions because it will only result in more frustrations. Do not entertain fear or weariness when a failed bet comes your way, instead hold yourself strong, go back to the drawing board and plot your tables right. It's not the time to hang your head in regret, it's the time to get even smarter.
  4. Your selection of bookmaker matters: As a smart wagerer, what you would want to do is to choose the right type of bookie. You would want to look out for the reputation of any bookie before signing up on it, a good way to know this is by looking up the comments and reviews of the bookmaker that you are about to select online. Licenses and certifications also matters, as it is imperative to only deal with bookies that are approved by the official gambling regulators in your country, this way you won't ever have to deal with platforms who are out there to employ illicit acts to limit your profitability as a bettor — as some rogue bookmakers have been known to unilaterally put a ban on some highly successful bettors that are using their services. Also ensure that your preferred bookie has user-friendly and easily accessible customer support that will attend to any of your complaints with fairness and help you resolve any limiting problem that you might have. Bookmakers do not set the same odds for the same event, you should only make use of the bookies with high odds. The most advantageous betting is staking on the outcome of a plausible event with high odds.
  5. Utilize the services of football odds comparison platforms: Imagine for a moment that you are to stake a bet on the outcome of a football match between Manchester City FC vs West Ham FC. In this case, Manchester City is the clear favorite having won 12 out of their last 14 matches against West Ham FC since Aug 2016, with one draw and one loss in between. Clearly, bookies will tip City to win, but they won't do this at the same odds. As a bettor, you can make use of online odds comparison platforms to know which bookmaker will set the highest odds for the probability of a City win, which is what you should stake on.

Most of the strategies that are discussed in this article as inseparable from the concept of successful betting; meaning they must be incorporated by every bettor who wishes to become successful, some other strategies are not recommended for all bettors as they have to do with the character or the persona of the bettor, so you might want to take note of this point.​

Study these strategies religiously and find the ones that resonate with your schedule, work plan, and psychology, this will help you to adapt quickly to them while having the goal they are meant to serve in mind.

No Risk Betting​

The main idea in football betting generally is to make profit, that said, bettors usually have lost bets in addition to their winning bets and this does happen to even the most skilled professionals. Most betting strategies out there are designed to limit your loss rate considerably, which is fair enough. However, there is such a thing as "No Risk Betting or Zero Risk Betting." In this concept, a bettor is assured of winning each time he wagers on the outcome of any football event, so no longer will he be caught up in losing bets as long he plays by the laid down rules. Some forms of no risk betting are discussed below:

Arbitrage Betting: Arbitrage betting — contracted as 'Arbs betting' — is a form of no risk betting where bettors, known as Arbers, key into odds disparities between bookmakers to make profits regardless of the end results of a football match.

Arbitrage does not only exist in sports betting, it has been used by stock exchange traders for a long time by purchasing stock on exchange and selling it at a higher value on a different stock exchange. Arbers usually make use of mathematical calculations to wager on all possible outcomes of a match with different bookmakers.

Matched Betting: Matched betting which is also known as "Double betting" is another zero risk betting where a wagerer can take advantage of a free bet offers and online promotions that are offered by bookies to place two bets called a 'back bet' and a 'lay bet' in two different bookmakers, to do this, a bettor who is looking to make profit from matched betting will wager the same odds or varying odds on the same result.

A major difference between arbitrage and matched betting is that while arbitrage betting chiefly relies on odds differences between bookmakers to edge out profit, matched betting does not, instead it relies on free bet offers, bettors can exploit this to make profit for themselves.

Final Note​

In reality, there are no such things as a free risk bet or a zero risk bet, every bet staked has an associated degree of risks, limitations and demerits. Practicing arbitrage betting for example can get your account banned by some bookmakers if you're discovered to be an arber, to avoid this, you might want to only use bookies who allow arbitrage betting. There is also the problem of small returns in arbitrage betting, profits made on individual bets are usually very small when compared to the actual amount staked. You can be able to make a reasonably big amount of money only if you have a huge bankroll.

Matched betting can also pose a serious issue if your bet becomes unmatched, or you unknowingly contravene any of its terms and conditions. What tells how much you've learnt from this article is how you are able to utilize these strategies and tips to increase your profits each time you place your bet.
Recommended bookmakers: Betfair, Bet365.
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