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Three Sports You Should Always Bet On


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Jul 11, 2008
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Betting on sports does not solely rely on luck. While chance always plays a big hand in whatever we do, sports betting can be extremely lucrative for a punter who spends some time understanding the nuances of the industry and the sports they plan to bet on.

At the start of any sports betting journey is the task of choosing the best bookmaker available. Going with one that has an online presence is the obvious choice as it allows you to make bets whenever you like. The UK is one of the major players in the sports betting world, and thus, many newcomers opt for websites licensed there. However, it is worth looking into UK betting sites that are not part of their Gamstop initiative. They allow more freedom for the players, along with offering better bonuses to start playing. As soon as you have the bookmaker in order, it is time to look at the games. We share with you three such sports that are excellent for betting, especially if you are a first-time bettor.


Cricket is played amongst a few nations in the world, yet it has a following that runs into the billions. A long, hard-fought game, there are many opportunities in a match for a punter to place a wager and win. The different versions of cricket range from the classic 5-day game to the newer Twenty20 format, which finishes within a few hours. Understanding cricket before you set a wager on it is essential. However, the reason for it being so bet-worthy is that it allows for punters to make several last-minute bets. This means you can witness how a player is performing and then wager based on their activities on the field, as they happen, allowing for more winning bets.



There is a list of reasons why everyone should bet on soccer. To start with, several competitions take place across the globe. As a result, punters always have something they can bet on throughout the year. Secondly, there is ample information available for these games. From predictions to pundit reports and news about what’s happening in the locker room, the more information you get your hands on, the better your chances of making that perfect wager. Lastly, bookmakers take soccer rather seriously and cover every possible tournament, from the Premier League and the La Liga to the Scottish Premiership and the Yokary Liga in Turkmenistan. With opportunities galore, punters can place multiple bets and win while cheering for one of the world’s most thrilling sports.


When it comes to sports betting, marathons are quite underrated. However, there has been a rise in marathons taking place around the world, as more people than ever are taking up running as a way to stay healthy and also compete. Looking at this growing trend, bookmakers have started to offer odds for marathon events, which is a significant opportunity for punters. Since bookies are never too sure about the runners, the odds for marathons are typically in favour of the punter. Therefore, if you spend time researching an event, you can possibly pick up some fantastic bets bound to give winning returns.