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The truth behind Martin Lo's removal of Coach Park from the list of U22 Vietnam


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Aug 28, 2019
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In the announcement of the list of U22 Vietnam Tel summons to prepare for the match against China U22. The domestic fans were very surprised when the list did not have any Pho Hien players, and even more surprised when even the player who was loved by coach Park Hang Seo and Kim Han Yoon was Martin Lo. to choose.

Before that, Pho Hien club was always enthusiastic in the U22 recruitment. In addition to contributing personnel, Pho Hien's home ground is also the team's training point.

The main reason given is that Pho Hien is currently ranked second in the First Division with 33 points, 31 points above Binh Phuoc and 29 points An Giang so the club is focusing all efforts to focus on the domestic front and resolve. Center to win a promotion ticket next season.

Given the team's current staffing and performance situation, if the team continues to contribute 4-5 players as the last team rally, the club will be in danger of being overloaded. Moreover, the match with China is just a friendly match, so it is not necessary to launch the best force.

After many discussions and discussions, the Korean strategist agreed to let the Pho Hien players focus on the domestic front.

After September 22 when the first division finishes, the players will have enough time to rest and be ready for the U22 Vietnam rally before SEA Games 30 , expected to start playing on October 7.