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The Top 7 Weirdest Bets Ever

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Feb 15, 2022
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Today we at bettingsoftware.com decided to lighten up a bit and talk about something quite amusing; so, tell me, have you ever heard someone say: "Oh I bet you can't…"?

This is a phrase often said and heard by all of us. But there really are those who bet for real, and take every point of these most bizarre bets literally.

Here are some of the weirdest bets ever:

1. Women's breast implants

No, I am not talking about Eric Cartman.

In 1996, Brian Zembeck was challenged by a fellow poker player to get a breast implant and keep it for a year. Brian accepted the challenge, because if he emerged victorious in the game, he would win $100,000 from his opponent.

Unfortunately for Brian, one of the players was a surgeon, and the procedure would even be done if he was defeated.

The bet was placed. Brian Zembeck lost the game, and his fate was to be left with breast prostheses for a year.

But there is more! 18 years later, Zembeck still keeps the prostheses and earns over $10,000 a year to maintain them. The interesting thing is that Brian Zembeck is a magician, and the prostheses provided support in his performances.

2. Shocks of Love
John Grant, a Chicago Bears fan, invited his wife to watch the game at a bar. Halfway through the game he decided to challenge her on which team would win. His wife doubted it, and the couple decided to bet to shock each other depending on the outcome.

That night the Bears won the game 27-20. John Grant went into the alley behind the bar with his wife Nicole, who had lost the bet. He then fired several shots at her with a stun gun. At the first shock, Nicole laughed. At the second, the power increased and she passed out.

The police were called to the scene and John Grant was arrested for carrying a non-lethal weapon, and for not having a license. We are not sure if they are still together as a couple, but we are sure that this is one of the most bizarre bets ever.

3. Betting the Wife
In third place of the most bizarre bets, we have desperation. Times of desperation call for desperate measures. In 2007, Russian gambler Andrei Karpov ran out of money and decided to bet his own wife against an opponent named Sergey Brodov.

Unfortunately Karpov lost the game and, of course, his wife.

However, Tatiana who considered herself victorious. She married Brodov and explained later, "As soon as my ex-husband did this, I knew I had to leave him. Sergey is a lovely man, very handsome, and I am very happy with him. Even knowing the risk I can be bet again in a poker game."

4. A Deadly Punch
Rapper John "Fatboy" Powell was performing at a party in Crest Hill in 2010 when things started to get a little out of hand.

The rapper decided to bet $5 that he could easily get punched in the face by any girl who was present there.

Tiffany Startz, 22, accepted the challenge and hit the rapper in the face. "I punched him and he took a step back and said, 'Wow! Nice Job. The problem was that as the rapper fell after the punch, he fell, hit his neck and had a brain injury from a concussion.

Even the most bizarre bets end badly.

5. Hannah Montana tattoo
In 2007, Stephen Baldwin met with star Miley Cyrus at a dinner at the White House. During the conversation, Miley bet that if Baldwin got a tattoo with the initials Hannah Montana, she would give him a slot on her TV show.

True to his word, Stephen got the tattoo with the initials "HM". But just a year later, at a book signing in Nashville at Miley Cyrus' house, Baldwin surprised her with the tattoo on her arm.

Unfortunately for Baldwin, Miley's show went off the air in 2010, and thus he never got the chance to appear on her show. One of the most bizarre bets that went unfulfilled by both parties.

6. New Name with 99 Letters

The title alone sounds ridiculous, right? In sixth place of the most bizarre bets we have... a lot of creativity.

This is what happened to a 22-year-old man from New Zealand when he lost a poker bet, not at his best.

The idea came from his friends and he had to change his current name to one with 99 letters: Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Other Superheroes Combined With Frostnova.

So in case you are wondering whether the law there allows a human being to possess a 99-letter ID, then the answer is yes. As long as it obeys the 100-character limit set by the Department of Internal Affairs.

7. Suarez's Bite

It may sound like a joke, but it isn't. A Norwegian citizen bet, before the start of the World Cup, that striker Luis Suarez would bite some opponent during the competition. Given his history of biting in soccer matches.

And so it happened in Uruguay's 1-0 win over Italy, when Suarez bit Italy's Giorgio Chiellini. More than 160 people bet that the player would bite someone, but it was a Norwegian who won the most from this bet, pocketing no less than $1,120.00

Well, that was a fun ride! And remember, for all your more normal bets, make sure to create an account at the best betting software with no fees to make the most out of it!
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