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The top 5 sports events to bet on

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Jul 11, 2008
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When a good sports event takes place, nobody wants to miss it. It doesn’t matter if it is the Super Bowl, the World Cup or Wimbledon. What is clear is that everyone thinks of placing a bet on who they think will win. Younger people tend to use alternative payment methods to bet with, such as PayPal. However, old-school people tend to go for cards, so they look for credit card betting sites to make their deposits. After that, you just have to wait to see the result and see if you have been lucky.

This list means to showcase what are the top 5 sports events people bet on. These events are so big, so overwhelmingly popular that they draw in millions of spectators. They are looking to see if their favourite team or their star player will overcome all obstacles and get another trophy under their belt.

Whether tennis, football, American football, or basketball, certain occasions are so widespread and beloved that they might even attract non-sports fans if only to see what all the fuss is about. And sometimes, only that little glimpse into this new world is what is needed to create lifetime fans out of them.

Some fans are so confident in their team’s ability that they are willing to put money where their mouths are, betting large sums of money. On bars, gambling halls, and even online forums, bettors discuss who the big winners will be in the NBA, Wimbledon, and World Cup.

And now, let’s talk about big sports events.

Super Bowl​

When we talk about a big-time sports event that brings in the big bucks, we cannot possibly skip the Super Bowl.

To put things into perspective, this 2022 Super Bowl season, Super Bowl LVI estimated an audience of over two hundred and eight million viewers who decided to watch the pigskin fly about on the field.

Of course, such an event can’t be absent of betting options, and the Super Bowl has your back covered. Not only can betting be about who wins the championship or makes the most touchdowns, but it can also be on more innocuous things like the halftime shows and even Super Bowl commercials. There are not just wide amounts of money to win, but also plenty of betting events, with prizes towering over four billion dollars.

World Cup​

When it comes to the US, the Super Bowl might be king, but across the rest of the world, it is the European Football World Cup that reigns supreme above them all. With most of the world having its national football league, football is a sport that binds the world together.

The World Cup is a massive event that occurs once every four years, and it rivals not just teams but entire countries worldwide, playing against each other in titanic matches to win the World Cup for their country.

Regardless of team affiliation and competitiveness, when it comes to the World Cup, everyone puts grudges aside and hopes for their country to win. Of course, bets can be found all over the World Cup league, with amounts averaging two and a half billion dollars per match and up to eight point two billion for the final game in the World Cup of 2018.

NBA Finals​

Basketball is fast becoming one of the most popular sports worldwide, and their championship league, the NBA – the National Basketball Association- is one of the most bet upon events. Even though illegal gambling can make calculations difficult, it is estimated that bettors risk ten million dollars per game in Nevada alone. Therefore, with 20 million watchers, one can only imagine how much cash is bet.

March Madness​

Another big basketball tournament that brings in great amounts of betting money is March Madness, the college basketball league. The American Gaming Association states that over forty-seven million American adults will wage over eight point five billion dollars on the men’s tournament. Still, only seven per cent of these bettors will do so legally.

The Grand National​

The Grand National in Great Britain is a horse racing event attended by royalty and is considered one of the world's most challenging horse races. Although the Kentucky Derby seems to hold a larger viewership in the USA, this is not the case when considering worldwide viewership. Drawing over five hundred to six hundred million viewers and with betting amounts of near four hundred million dollars, The Grand National beats The Kentucky Derby by a large margin for the betting public worldwide.