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The Top 5 Most Popular Sports in the World

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Feb 15, 2022
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Have you ever stopped to think what are the most popular sports in the world? It is true that football is already unanimous in global terms. But what about other sports that are also widely practiced? Do you know which are the main ones?

That's what bettingsoftware.com will talk about today! Check out below!

1. Football is obviously the most played sport in the world

When it comes to the world's most popular sport, soccer takes first place by far. Besides fascinating people of all ages all over the world - being massively practiced and watched - the sport employs millions of people all over the planet. The "Big Count 2006" survey conducted by FIFA, for example, revealed data that show the enormity of soccer. According to the study, in 2006 there were 265 million players, at least 5 million referees and officials, and 301,000 clubs around the world. It is worth noting that this number is growing every year and, currently, the projection of the sport is even greater.

2. Cricket is an English sport that is popular in many countries.

Of English origin, this sport that uses bats and balls - in a scheme similar to baseball - is also very successful, did you know? Although it is not as well known in some countries, it has millions of fans around the world. It is considered an elite sport - but it is still quite relevant in the UK, Australia, countries in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East (especially those colonized by England). It is estimated, for example, that cricket has at least 3 billion fans around the globe, taking into account that it is successful in heavily populated countries such as India.

3. Field field hockey has an average of 2 billion fans worldwide

An Olympic sport widely practiced in European countries, Canada, India, and China, field field hockey ranks third on the list of most popular sports. It is very relevant for other countries - especially those with an English colony.

The game works very simply: it is played on a field, with two teams of 11 people using sticks and a ball. The goal is to score as many goals as possible, just like in soccer. It is estimated that there are at least 2 billion field field hockey fans around the world. No small feat, right?

4. Tennis is the most popular individual sport on the planet

Tennis is considered the most popular individual sport on the planet, and for this reason it takes fourth place on this list. It is considered to be a very complete sport and requires great physical fitness - especially to have agility and arm strength. Although it is individual, tennis can also be played in doubles - a category that is also an Olympic sport. The sport is played on all continents, mainly in Europe, Asia, and also in America (especially in the United States).

5 - Athletics is surprisingly popular

In fifth place on our list, we have the most democratic sport of all, the one that for its practice you only need a pair of tennis shoes, or even not, depending on the practitioner. A trip to the nearest park is enough to see the popularity of athletics, and we are not talking here about Olympic athletics, but about running or walking. Sometimes it is not even necessary to go to the parks to see an athlete of these sports, it is quite normal to see runners in the most diverse environments, in groups, or even in the solitude of their steps.

Athletics is so popular that it was the most watched Olympic event of all time, with the 100m race at the London Olympics in 2012.

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