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The Sport of Kings: 5 Best Horse Races in Australia

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Jul 11, 2008
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Horse racing is one of the few sports that have lived a very long life even until now. Lots of people are getting interested in this sport for various reasons, and they call it the sport of kings. It is referred to as the sport of kings because, in the past, thoroughbred racing became popular with the upper class and British royal society in taking part in the races, thus earning its title as the "sport of kings."

Although this sport uses an animal, specifically a horse, and is faced with controversies for using a horse for entertainment, many people still claim that it is fun and exciting. Also, horses are impressive athletes capable of reaching high speeds, making the race even more exciting and nerve-wracking to watch.

Watching horse racing became a great way for family and loved ones to bond and spend their leisure time together. Also, another reason why people love it is because of the betting events they get to participate in. To learn more about the five best horse races in Australia, read below.

The Melbourne Cup

Most people in Australia are familiar with the horse racing event that was referred to as the king of horse racing, specifically known as the Melbourne Cup. Additionally, it is referred to as "the race that never stops the nation." It is the greatest horse race you would find in Australia and the oldest too in the country.

This event offers a huge prize for its participants, making more horse racers lured into joining the race. They do not just give off some prestigious titles, but they also get to go home with at least a huge cash prize which makes the event even more thrilling. Not to mention, even if you do not become the champion and finish the race as part of the succeeding ten participants who get to cross the finish line, you still receive a part of the prize, which is also amounting to big.

Additionally, the Melbourne Cup happens every year. Specifically on the first Tuesday of November. Aside from this, the race itself is at least 3,200 meters long, so practice is needed to be able to accomplish such a goal and achievement. This horse racing event is held at the Flemington Racecourse, and surely this event could bring almost the whole country excitement and thrill and the aspect of betting. You may contact TopSport if you want to participate in some betting for horse racing.

W.S. Cox Plate

The W.S. Cox Plate happened at the Moonee Valley, and it's considered the most challenging race course found in Australia. This course is known to be spanning 2,040 meters, and the horse racing field is known to have a limit of only fourteen horses fighting for the championship. Additionally, at Moonee Valley, they make sure to test jockey's skills because of the track's shape.

Although this racing championship event is open to any type of thoroughbred, not every qualifier passes because only the best ones could make it through. Usually, this takes place during late October every year. Also, its name was derived from the racing club's founder, William Samuel Cox, who is also a pioneering thoroughbred in the country.

Caulfield Cup

This horse racing event takes place during mid-October at the Caulfield Racecourse. Truly, this event is something people wait for since it is considered the second horse racing event that people look forward to. As compared to other horse racing events, the Caulfield Cup is restricted to having only eighteen entrants. Additionally, it is run a few weeks earlier than the Melbourne Cup, as mentioned above.

The prize in winning the championship at this event is astonishing too, and there is no wonder why it is called the world's richest handicap race run with its prize money amounting to $5,000,000. In earlier times, this event used to feature competitors only from Australia and New Zealand.

But now, it has transformed and become an international event that requires a horse to be three years or older to be qualified to participate in the race since they think they are old enough to burn up the track. They bring a better element of uncertainty to make the gambling experience of watchers worthwhile.

Golden Slipper Stakes

Usually, this event is held in March at the Rosehill Racecourse. Additionally, this race is made only for two-year-old horses. The racers are expected to complete a full cover of 1,200 meters, and the winning jockey could receive at least $3 million or higher. In addition, this race is considered the wealthiest race that two-year-old horses could participate in globally.

The Queen Elizabeth Stakes

The Queen Elizabeth Stakes is a horse race held in the same city where golden slipper stakes take place, in Sydney, particularly at Royal Randwick Racecourse. This horsing event was held starting in 1851, and the original race before covers 4,800 meters, but ever since 1986, the meters span has been changed and lowered to 2,000 meters only. As contrary to other horsing events, this famous race takes place every April yearly.


Horse racing has been a great sport even before. It is fun, exciting, and thrilling to watch. Also, it is a good sport that fans could also bet on since the stakes are high. If you need a guide on the five best horse races in Australia, you may check out the information mentioned above to help you.