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The purpose of gambling in your life


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Mar 12, 2019
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Hi,I'm new here and I want to know if you can live decently of gambling like how you see it on tv.I don't know a lot about the real world so that is why I prepared 6 questions for each users from here.I would be happy if you could write this answers as an essay or short essay.
1)Do you play these games as a hobby or as a career?(Honestly I believed that players do it for the money and not for the colour of the cards or the psychology of others)
2)Why didn't anyone warned me that gambling is not for immature people?(like myself because when I entered the forum no one warned me that these games are for those who have a passion in investing these money in bussiness)
3)Can you make a living from bets?(including sport bets)
4)How much math does a person need to understand the nature of gambling?(I saw some books about strategies and they involved some calculus but I have no idea if you're going to use that because I've never played or made profit from gambling)
5)What is so great about gambling and betting(beside winning and losing)What's the essence that hides inside these games?
6)What happens when an immature person decides to enter gambling?Are they awaken in the real world?


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Sep 17, 2009
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1 I play for money but I am not investing enough to make a living. Infact I am about even.
2 How can the forum warn you, there are enough materials on the internet and here to read and decide for yourself.
3 Only if you are patient and stick to strategy but even then you will need a good strike rate. Only less than 1% win money constantly.
4 I dont use any math.
5 and 6 I dont understand these questions.