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The Overs and Unders strategy by Caan Berry


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Feb 4, 2023
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So I'm guessing some or most people here have searched the youtube space for betting tips and strategies. Many have probably come across the Caan Berry Pro Trader channel. I've been following him for a little while and he seems pretty legit, one of his videos titled "Under/Over Football Betting Strategy to Win Repeatedly" caught my interest.
The concept presented is fairly simple, and the strategy seems easy to replicate, although pretty time-consuming as going through the exchange page and comparing the median odds for each totals market with bookmaker odds takes time. To make the strategy relatively profitable you'd need at least 3-5 bets per day, and over time I'd reckon this is going to set you back 1-2 hours every day. Another point of mention is that he only tests the strategy for a month with 150 bets total, that seems like a lot but I'd be more reassured putting my money on a strategy tested between 1,000 and 10,000 bets.

As a countermeasure to time inefficiency, I've written a script to gather odds from the exchange as well as odds from multiple bookmakers and made the script compare the odds and identify inefficiencies in bookmaker prices. I've also set up a database to log all these inefficiencies to track results, expected profits, and realized profits over time.

Now, this method is by no means error-proof, and the bookmakers usually correct their prices fairly quickly, additional the API/odds provider that I used for the script only updates the bookmaker prices every 8 hours, which means that you'd have to use the script within 1-2 hours of each update, to most effectively find bets.
I am currently hosting the data from the script on a 'streamlit app', i'll provide a screenshot below for those interested. As this is my first post I am not gonna post a direct link but if you want to visit the app you'd have to search for "shobetting" + ".streamlit"+".app". I'm banking on this being a grey area for link sharing.

screenshot of app page:
app image.PNG

Anyways, if anyone has any experience with this strategy or similar strategies I'd love to hear about it.