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Feb 15, 2022
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You already know that the best betting software loves to explore the weird world of sports, and today we will talk about a very peculiar episode.

One of the biggest stars of action movies, actor Sylvester Stallone usually stands up well to the beatings he receives from all kinds of villains. But the Hollywood star did not fare well when he faced Pelé in a penalty shootout and ended up with a broken finger in the 1981 film Escape to Victory.

Stallone recalled the story in an interview with the BBC last year. According to him, the incident occurred during the filming of the movie, which takes place in the context of World War II, leading to a halt in the shooting.

As the interpreter of Rambo, who in the production in question played the goalkeeper of a team of inmates, explained, the dispute against the King of Football was one of the low points of his extensive career. "What a kick in the butt I got! I still have a broken finger from trying to save a penalty kick from Pelé," commented the actor.

Giving more details of the incident, Stallone said that the ball looked like a "cannonball," because it was much thicker and twice as heavy as those used today. In addition, he said he believed it would not be difficult to defend the kick given by the Brazilian soccer star.

A Great Kick​

Another point highlighted by the American star was the great accuracy of the three-time world champion's kick. "He came to take a penalty kick and told me exactly where he was going to put it, so I stayed there, but the ball still went past me before I could move," he said.

The ball ended up in the exact spot that the Brazilian national team player had promised. Besides breaking Stallone's finger, Pelé's penalty shot went through the net and hit a window of the hotel where the scenes were filmed.

As for the story told in the film, based on facts, Pelé and Stallone are part of a group of allied prisoners, held in a German prison, who receive an offer to play against the local national team. While Germany intends to use the game to promote Nazi ideals, the prisoners plan to escape during the game's intermission.

The cast also features names such as actors Michael Caine and Max von Sydow. Former England player Bobby Moore, captain of the England team in the 1966 World Cup title, and Argentinean Osvaldo Ardiles, world champion in 1978, were also part of the plot.

Pelé in film and TV

The Trinidad and Tobago athlete Luis Fernandez, played by Pelé in the 1981 film, was just one of Pelé's many roles in Brazilian cinema and TV. He was in productions such as A Vitória do Mais Fraco, Hot Shot, Os Trapalhões e o Rei do Futebol, A Marcha e Pedro Mico, among others.

I hope you liked this short little piece, and if you did, stay tuned because bettingsoftware.com will be back soon with more great content for you!
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