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Tennis picks for 2019!


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Jan 8, 2019
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Australian Open 2019 Preview
Australian Open is one of the Grand Slam Tournaments held each year in Australia. Lots of tennis fans from all over the world come to see a great atmosphere and incredible event. This tournament is one of the greatest and successful in many ways. For playing at Australian Open final player will get 1.5 million and 1200 ATP rating points and winner – 3 million and 2000 ATP rating points. That’s the perfect way to start a new season.
Featured Players
Of course as in almost all events and in this especially we are expecting to see the same faces. They should show us the most beautiful and exciting tennis like every time. But we need to remember and hope that tennis has it’s Next Generation and this year they should prove themselves and show their potential. Players like Alexander Zverev, Dominic Thiem, Karen Khachanov, Borna Coric and Daniil Medvedev showing great tennis and hopefully, we will be able to follow these players in the future. Maybe some of them need to get more experience and time, but most of them already showed they can fight with legends of today.
Unfortunately, Andy Murray announced his retirement because of injury, however, he will play at the start of Australian Open against Roberto Bautista-Agut and it could be his last tournament.
At the first round, we will see experienced player Janko Tipsarevic playing with Grigor Dimitrov.
Most interesting fact that at the final of Australian Open we will not see Roger Federer playing with Rafael Nadal, because both players are at same draw side, that means they can play only a semi-final.
Last years
Since the beginning of the year 2010, N. Djokovic and R. Federer won most of the titles. Serbian have played in the Final in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016 always against Andy Murray. Only once in 2012 Djokovic played against Rafael Nadal and won against Spanish too. Last year Swiss legend won and that was 20th Major trophy and his sixth at Australian Open. Roger has the same titles as Novak, so it could be Clash of Kings if they will play at the Final this year. Most unsuccessful in this tournament is Andy Murray by playing 5 times without a victory. Almost nothing has changed since the year 2004, we can see mostly the same people in almost all of the Finals – Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer.
M. Cilic vs B. Tomic – 14/01/2019 Preview.
Marin Cilic vs Bernard Tomic one more great match of the first round at Australian Open Grand Slam Tournament taking place in Australia. Both experienced and talented players will play in a serious confrontation. Review our thoughts on this match here below.

Marin Cilic
Marin Cilic playing his 14th season, he is very experienced and classy tennis player with many strong sides in his game. During last year Cilic has reached his top and become Worlds Nr. 3 at ATP Ratings. Of course, Marin is a great and skillful player, but we can’t call him unbeatable. Croatian had 29 matches at Hardcourt last year and won 20 of them, he played in the Final of Australian Open against Roger Federer and lost it in 5 sets match. That was his 3rd Grand Slam Final in his career. Last year Cilic became Davis Cup champion by winning against Jo-Wilfred Tsonga in the Final. Croatian is the 10th all-time leader in earnings with 26 million.
Croatian have a great serve, playing very tactical and concentrate tennis. He likes fast courts, but mostly grass ground.

Bernard Tomic
Bernard Tomic is a very talented player, but with a difficult character. Australian had a great juniors career and were very perspective till injury. He has won 4 ATP titles all on Hardcourt and in 2017 Tomic had his best rank at ATP rating – 17th. Since his beginning of professional career Australian had ups and downs, however, he stays very perspective and young enough to achieve his goals. Tomic will play at hometown, so he will get much more advantage and support from the fans.
B. Tomic is a difficult person, in 2015 he was arrested in Miami and charged with resisting arrest and trespassing. In October all charges were dropped against him, however, he undermined his authority as a professional athlete.

Since 2010 they played three times. In 2010 Cilic won against Tomic in 5 sets match at Australian Open. Then they met at US Open in 2011 and Cilic won the match in a more confident way by a result 6:1/6:0/6:2. The last match was at Monreal – Masters Tournament in 2015, where Tomic won in two sets.
F. Tiafoe vs P. Gunneswaran – 14/01/2019 Preview.

Francis Tiafoe vs Prajnesh Gunneswaran one more great match of the first round at Australian Open Grand Slam Tournament taking place in Australia. Both players will play in a serious confrontation. Review our thoughts on this match here below.

Francis Tiafoe
Francis Tiafoe is one of the most talented players nowadays. In 2018 Tiafoe has reached his best rank at ATP Ratings standing now at 39th place. Last year was the most successful for American as he won the First ATP Title of the career and reached to Top 50 ATP rated players. Francis had the perfect start of the season and then his performance deteriorated. American won ATP 250 Delray Beach tournament against Peter Gojowczyk, then he lost at the Final of Estoril ATP 250 tournament against Joao Sousa, after that he played very week tennis. Since September F. Tiafoe won only 3 of 17 matches.
Of course, his weak form after the summer is not the reason not to believe in this talented player. He plays interesting, aggressive and offensive tennis. Francis has a great serve and great return, even John Isner remarked that.

Prajnesh Gunneswaran
Prajnesh Gunneswaran is 29 old tennis player not familiar to most, however, he is playing very interesting tennis. Last two years Prajnesh have won 68 matches out of 90 on Hardcourt. Indian have won the qualification to Australian open and deservedly hit the main draw of the tournament. As we can see Hard Court is the most favorite for Gunneswaran and it could give him much confidence and superiority. P. Gunneswaran is much more experienced and playing with the left hand, so that could cause some troubles for opponents.

Both players haven’t met before. Of course, Prajnesh is playing at a different level and different tournament but his advantage could cause lots of troubles to Tiafoe, especially now that he is not at the peak of his form.
That's cool, nice previews!
This Australian Open will be really interesting. Federer and Nadal start first and their half gets 2 days rest before the final, while Djokovic' half only 1 day. This is also something to consider. Federer has a hard first round match vs Istomin and I think we can expect a struggle of some sort, but a loss will be surprising. Nadal starts vs Duckworth but he is scheduled to play in the heat, 2nd match of the day. Also there are unknowns about the form of Nadal, he withdrew from the first tournament of the year. For people that like risky play that will be something to consider. For example noone expected Stahkhovsky to beat Federer in Wimbledon but it happened and even in 4 sets.
Some more for tennis junkies!

Daniel Taro vs Thanasi Kokkinakis one more great match of the first round at Australian Open Grand Slam Tournament taking place in Australia. Both talented players will play in a serious confrontation. Review our thoughts on this match here below.

Daniel Taro
Daniel Taro is a great player from Japan. Last season was the most successful for him and Daniel climbed to the 64th position of ATP Rating. However, after his first ATP 250 Tournament win in Istanbul against Malek Jaziri, he has only a few tournaments were he played well. Mostly Japanese likes to play on Clay Court, because he likes to play low tennis and he is more technical than fast and strong.
This year T. Daniel have played 4 matches, lost to W. Tsonga in two sets, then to R. Opelka and J. Thompson in 3 sets and once won against L. Rosol. Taro needs to improve his skill on Hard Court to become even more successful player and strong opponent.

Thanasi Kokkinakis
Thanasi Kokkinakis is one of the most talented players. After he turned pro in 2013 he improved a lot playing at different courts and had his best career in 2015. Unfortunately, after that in 2016, Australian had an injury and missed almost a whole year. After his comeback Kokkinakis in 2018 played in first round of Australian Open and lost to Daniil Medvedev. Last year Thanasi Kokkinakis have won the biggest match of the career winning against Roger Federer in 3 sets.
Australian have a strong serve and playing fast tennis, however he likely to make an unintentional error that may cause a big problem playing against different players.

Opponents have played a match last year at qualification Final to Miami Masters. Kokkinakis have won the match in two sets with a result 7:5/7:5. These players have different skill and need to try to take a match under their control, however, they have problems too.
Lloyd Harris vs Daniil Medvedev one more great match of the first round at Australian Open Grand Slam Tournament taking place in Australia. Both talented players will play in a serious confrontation. Review our thoughts on this match here below.

Lloyd Harris
Lloyd Harris young talented and very enduring player. South African have turned pro in the year 2015 and already played 306 matches in a different court, but mostly on Hard Court – 234. Last year for Lloyd was most successful, he entered to 1st ever Grand Slam and won 1st ATP Challenger Title by defeating Stefano Napolitano. In September, Lloyd Harris won his first main draw match on the ATP World Tour, when he defeated Gael Monfils 3:6/6:2/6:1 in the first round of the Chengdu Open (ATP 250 event) in China. That was his first win against the top 40 players.
This season started very well for him by entering to second Grand Slam. At the first round of Australian Open, he will face Daniil Medvedev.
L. Harris is a very strong and tall player with great service and perspectives to become known and competitive player.

Daniil Medvedev
Daniil Medvedev is one of the greatest young players. He had career-best year by qualifying for the Sydney ATP Tournament, then reached the final which he won against Alex de Minaur. This final became the youngest since 2007 when Djokovic has lost to Nadal. Medvedev played after at Winston-Salem Open and win it, Japan Open ATP 500 and won against Kei Nishikori and they met again at the beginning of this season in the Final at Brisbane ATP 250 Tournament where Nishikori made a comeback.
Daniil is a strong and fast player with great serve and backhand. He already reached highs by seeming like hi will show much more during his career.

Players have never met before. Both are young and perspective so they need to show all their abilities, however, Medvedev is stronger and experienced at high-level competitions.