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Technological progress in the field of online casinos

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Jul 11, 2008
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There is hardly an area in our life that is not influenced in one way or another by today's technological developments, and perhaps even completely changed. Nowadays, all aspects of our everyday life take place digitally and online, and the gaming industry has not been spared this development either.

From gigantic casino halls to small mobile devices, from 8bit to livestream - playing casino games has already undergone fundamental changes and technological progress that is certainly not over yet.

Mobile gaming

One reason that has fueled the immense growth of the online gambling market was the development of mobile casinos. In today's age in particular, people are looking for the highest possible degree of flexibility when playing. The trend in gaming is generally moving in the direction of mobile games and the gaming industry is of course not spared.

Today almost all online casinos offer a mobile version of their games so that users can access the comprehensive range of games with their smartphone or tablet while on the go. With apps for iOS and Android, your favorite game is just a click away. Such low entry barriers also make it easier for new players to get a taste of the world of online casinos.

Live casinos

Live casinos today also offer a realistic gaming experience. They use the technology of the live stream to conjure up that casino feeling right in the living room of the players. For this purpose, real croupiers are filmed in real time, most of them standing in front of a green screen that shows the hustle and bustle, the mood and the noises of a well-frequented casino.

The live stream is broadcast on the players' screens, who can interact with the croupier. Real cards are handed out, which are digitally read and evaluated using OCR recognition, as explained by the chip technology portal. Players can use the chat function to ask questions and chat with the croupier. It is, so to speak, a video conference with the casino.

VR casinos

Virtual reality, which is increasingly finding its way into the gaming industry and allowing gamers to step into the third dimension, goes one step further in terms of lifelike gaming experience. What is already popular and widespread in video games can now also be found in gambling. VR online casinos are already in the process of establishing themselves. By putting on the VR headset, players virtually step into a casino.

Visually, audibly and even haptically, users feel as if they were actually sitting at the poker table, playing blackjack or slot machines. With this technological development, the gaming experience has literally been taken to a new level.

Inexorable technological developments are churning out how we play games. It's not just video games that benefit from these changes, the gaming industry is also making gigantic technological advances. Mobile games, live casinos and even VR casinos have already fundamentally changed the gaming experience. Numerous other changes will certainly not be long in coming.

Blockchain industry

The blockchain industry has brought a number of advantages to the online casino world. Some of the leading currencies like Bitcoin allow players to make fast and secure transactions. Casino operators also benefit from cryptocurrencies as no third parties are involved and all transactions are completely transparent (source: casinogorilla.com).

Cryptocurrency works like digital currency that is not issued or regulated by the government. With the advent of cryptocurrency providers like Bitcoin, casino operators have started to embrace these methods widely. Cryptocurrency options add to the overall security of casino websites. There is no need to reveal any personal or banking information when using these methods.

Online gambling gamblers are getting younger and younger and this generation is shaped by the mobile phone. These people, between 18 and 30, are the ones responsible for the boom in the online gambling industry and not the ones who would go to traditional casinos.

These options provide much better transparency for players, thereby strengthening mutual trust and the idea of playing for yourself. Online currencies make transactions quick and easy. The massive technology boom has only compounded the exponential growth of the gaming industry.

As for the future of online casinos, the focus is definitely on virtual reality.


There is no end to innovation. At least that is how it seems so far. There are constant innovations in the casino world. Games with breathtaking three-dimensional graphics, live dealer games and VR technology make a visit to the virtual casino an adventure. We are excited to see what the future will bring.