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Apr 14, 2023
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hey guys

I want to alert you all about a bookmaker called: suprabets

this site that calls itself a betting site actually just wants your money, no talk, no justification, it will just take your balance for it.

I started using the site weeks ago and everything was fine, the documents were already verified and as soon as I requested a withdrawal, shortly after my account was blocked.

they sent me an email saying that I violated the rules and the account would be closed, without giving further details
I went to search on suprabets complaint sites and realized that this is happening to an amazing amount of customers

I contacted them by email and they don't respond, they don't have a phone number or any other way to contact

Anyway, I was deceived, but I warn you: do not throw your money with this site
To są oszuści. Zablokowali moje konto po tym, jak regulują wypłacać swoje pieniądze. Okradli mnie na 5000 zł bez żadnego badania. W ogóle nie odpowiada na e-maile. Suprabety = OSZUSTWO!!
Man that sucks! im sorry for you guys, I got a nice reputable place if you guys want to give it a try