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Strikeforce Picks, Odds and Predictions


Apr 7, 2010
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Strikeforce is back this weekend with three of their championship belts on the line. Online sportsbook has put up MMA odds on four great fights.

Jason "Mayhem" Miller vs. Tim Stout
The undercard fight between Jason "Mayhem" Miller and Tim Stout is showing Miller as a big favourite at -1250, while Tim Stout is getting +750.

Miller needs a victory here after losing to Jake Shields in his last bout. After that fight, Miller said he wanted to do more, and do it more effectively, obviously disappointed with the outcome. Facing Stout, he should be able to showcase his muay thai and submission skills.

This fight was put together to get Miller back on track and in the running again, which I think will happen. I'm not even thinking about a wager either way in this one.

Gilbert Melendez vs. Shinya Aoki's
Some attractive lines showed up on the first fight on the main card. Lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez is at -160, with challenger Shinya Aoki's at +130. If I'm looking for a bit of a long-shot that could pay-out, Aoki may just do it. He has a chance at submitting Melendez if he doesn't get his face re-arranged while he's on his feet. Aoki is tenacious and clever, but Melendez also has great jiujitsu skills. Aoki knows this and will look to get the fight on the ground any way he can. If you favor Melendez and his style over Aoki's, than Melendez' line is certainly decent.

Strikeforce Picks: At these odds though, I'm putting a small wager on Aoki to pull off something spectacular, like he has so many times before.

Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal vs. Mousasi
The LH championship bout should be highly entertaining with both fighters having great knock out power. Ever the showman, Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal looks to me to be the best underdog pick on the card. At +180, I think King Mo is a good dog bet. He's a very powerful guy. His level of wrestling will be a new challenge for Mousasi (-220).

Mousasi will certainly be the most talented fighter King Mo has faced yet. I expect Mousasi to press for the takedown, overpower Mousasi and finish with some good King Mo ground-n-pound. I just hope King Mo's relative lack of experience will not force a mistake and end up getting the better of him.

Strikeforce Picks: I like his chance for the upset, but given Mousasi's skill and experience, I'm keeping my wager realistic.

Jake Shields vs. Dan Henderson
The last great fight on "Strikeforce: Nashville" will feature the middleweight championship bout between Jake Shields and Dan Henderson. Defending champion Shields is listed at +300 to Dan Henderson's -400. While Sheilds is certainly the deserving champion, Henderson is the deserving legend. In this match-up, Henderson may prove to be too much for Sheilds.

Hendo is the bigger, stronger man. His greco-roman wrestling prowess will serve him well as Sheilds will try to force the fight to the mat. I think Henderson outclasses Sheilds in the standup and Henderson's wrestling will prove to be the crux that Sheilds will not be able to overcome. Stylistically the fight goes to Henderson.

Strikeforce Picks: I expect Sheilds to be frustrated. Henderson by KO in the early rounds.

Good luck with your picks.

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