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Street Fighter 2

this game i like very much and play so many time in a day..
street Fighter 2 game is the best game of any other game....
This one is really awesome and this is my first game that i had played on my personal PS3.
I have played so many games in my life and I like to play action games.......Street fighter is one of the best game and also mine most favorite game.......Al the levels are mine favorite and I love to play this game again and again..
This game is really to good and also having a great fun playing game is my hobby. When i ever have free time i like to enjoy the game.
Street Fighter 2 has been a very popular game among the game lovers. You can play this game without getting bored as this game has many versions. If you are looking to play some old but the most entertaining games without having to learn difficult controls, then I would suggest this game to you.
The days i used to play this ggame were awesome! Thank you mate! You re-memorized me my old days of gaming.