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i like this game so much ,
when ever i get time i used to play this game ,
thanks for sharing here the latest version of this game ................ :mrgreen:
its one of my fav games ,
thanks for sharing here ,
this Solitaire is really awesome ,
i gonna finish it as soon as possible ....................... :mrgreen:
This is my favorite game since my grade school.
I used to play this game every night. :lol:
I'm so excited to see the fireworks when I successfully finished the game.. :D
Solitaire is a card game that you play on your own. Today, it can be played in your mobile phones that are capable of playing games with compatible version of Solitaire.
Solitaire...solitaire..it's my grandma's fave and also mine. If I have nothing to do or if I want to have a break from work, I will choose to play solitaire. It relaxed my mind..;)
Can't forget this game..this seems to be the game of the family. I used to play it with my family since I was a kid and this was introduced to me by the grandma of my father..love it!
I started to learn this game in my PC, those games that are already installed in my os. :)
Hllo I am a bigger fan of games and I like to play solitaire game on my PC...This is really a good and entertaining game and I have won this game many time...
Hello Guys,
I likes this game so much, i play this game many times.When ever i get time i used to play this game.I passed my time with this game .Thanks for this game ,really this is a very good game. :D :D