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Yeah. I also remember this classic game as you could enjoy the hugely addictive game Snake in your mobile phone.
hahahaha remembers me of my old 3310..I spent a lot of time being a god on this game :ugeek:
I have played this game many time....You have shared this link here and I like to play this game many time..Like the link shared by you here is too good and amazing game this is.....
Now this one is the best game that i had ever played. First time i had played this in my first mobile phone Nokia 1100. :D
Oh yeah me also still crazy for this snake game which is in Nokia phones m love'n it.
I to like to play the different new and latest online games..And i to like to play the different new and latest game..Now a days i am playing the aliengameslist...These games are to good And also contain a great fun..
Snake game is a very popular game and can be played and learned by people of all ages easily. At present, I am not playing this game. But I have played and enjoyed this game on the internet so many times.
wow. this is my first time here to see a forum website with games. Forgive me for reviving this up. I just can't resist to try it out.
ohoho my memories, when first time I saw and took in hands a mobile phone the snake game is the first activity on this borrowed mobile, now our children have much more games on mobile or computer :confused:
With Nokia releasing an improved version of the 3310, I reminisce the time when all I needed to kill time was my mobile phone.