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Selling betting accounts


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Mar 31, 2023
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Hello I would like to start a betting syndicate predicated around taking advantage of sign up bonuses to put a long story short I can buy betting accounts made by people from kenya/nigeria for cheaper than the sign up bonuses the sites offer they essentially have unlimited supply if you are interested in learning more message me back on here or on telegram WeiYiGM I'm not a gambler just an opportunists. Lastly for you guys familiar with arbitrage of value betting we only use sign up bonus and deposit under £300 in each account as depositing £5000 in a person from a third world country isnt smart they will be loyal once they feel they are getting a fair percentage of the profit which is why you can only deposit small amounts again Telegram WeiYiGM. Be sceptical ask me anything and we offer free accounts for those who think we are bluffing that you can put £5-10 in to see that all accounts are fully verified.