• Guest, Read the rules. The Rules are simple. Don't spam. Be nice to the people here. If you own a betting site you can advertise it in Betting picks or Personal Threads(But to post a link a user should have at least 3 posts)

Rules- Read

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Jul 11, 2008
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Post in the appropriate forum
Dont use offensive words.
Don't spam
Links to other gambling sites can be posted only if they are in need according to the topic. If no they will be deleted. You can post links to whatever you want in your signature as this is your space. The only restriction in signatures is not to link to porn sites!
No racism
No offending avatars, no porn too.
At general, please try to be nice to the people that chat here. We want to create community where people have fun, not fights.
If you have complaints just pm me. I will try to resolve anything.
Signature links: Only 2 links allowed in the signature, direct affiliate links not allowed. Links to other forums are not allowed. Overadvertising may also result in deleting your link. Advertising with other than the default color is also not welcomed.
Advertising your betting site is allowed at Betting sites list
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Added: Selling of accounts is not allowed.
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