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Royal Ascot Day 4: Volume bet into Word Pool up 41%


Jun 14, 2022
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Last year’s Ladies’ Day World Pool was beaten by 41% for this year’s renewal. Punters enjoyed value in every single market on the 4th World Pool day at Royal Ascot. Both the Excata and Trifecta were regularly double the size of the CSF and Tricast respectively.

Racing Director Jamie Hart is bullish that these trends will continue today and stated:

“Its great to see the exotics like the Swinger and Quinella being embraced by UK punters – the liquidity in the Swinger markets is staggering. It was also hugely pleasing to sign off the day with both the Exacta and the Trifecta being double that of the CSF and Tricast.”

In the free to opt in betting contest, the tournament was dominated by well-known shrewdies with Rory Delargy and Andrew Mount in the top 3 but both were pipped by Steven Johnson. Can you beat them? Or, more importantly, the Tote’s own target man Jamie Benson. Come and have a go if you think you’re shrewd enough!