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Rio 2016

What do you think is most favorite discipline in track and field? I think, peple most like 100m :) And who win in Rio 100m? I think Bolt again :D
Justin Gatlin, I think, is the main rival to Bolt. As I have understood from Bolt's inreviews, he is not "hungry" enough for this games. So I think that Gatlin is more profitable.
Yep, I like Gatlin he is very good an hisstarts and runnig technique is amazing... He is hungry for beat Bolt on his third olympic games, but I think, Bolt win.. We will see, both are amazing runners :)
How much times did they catch Gatlin with doping? One or two?
Only once I think :)
The Popular Mechanics magazine has told how Justin Gatlin was preparing to the battle with Usain Bolt. It appears that his run was studied by the best bio mechanics from the USA. They have made the most detailed analysis pointed out the weakest points. The scientists have optimized literally each movement of Gatlin in order he could improve his results. To record the run of the athlete were used the special cameras that are capable to write down even 300 shots per second. It is enough to trace every wing beat of a humming bird. Thanks to these researches Gatlin really has changed the way he runs and considerably improved his start – now he starts better than any other sprinter in the world. But this didn’t help him to conquer Bolt at the Olympic Games in Rio-de-Janeiro. May be it is because he is 34 years old. He has lost his last chance to win Bolt.