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Redeem Team....Can USA Basket-Ball team do it??...


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Jul 24, 2008
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The USA Dream team have won 12 out the last 15 gold medals.....
The team in 2004 played too hard off field and only got the bronze....

This new team has been labeled as the "Redeem Team"..

It's Gold of failure for the Redeem team...Can they do it????..

Beijing Olympics 2008 - Men's Basketball Tournament - Outright Winner

USA 1.222
Spain 4.50
Greece 17.00
Argentina 19.00
Lithuania 21.00
Russia 29.00
Croatia 101.00
Germany 101.00
China 201.00
Australia 301.00
I layed USA, because:

1They are surely very good entertainers, but this sport is in points, not in dunks.
2The european teams are good from the 3 points and this is how you beat USA
3Because the odds are good.
You bet against the dream team?? :shock: