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Play for fun or for real money?


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Feb 2, 2016
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Below you'll find out an explanation with details on the different ways available at online casinos. Basically, there are 2 modes you can choose from and play at any casino. The first is fun mode and the second mode is for real money. Both of two ways are self-explanatory but be sure to keep reading for more information about them.

Fun Play Mode Also Known as Practice Casino Mode:

Fun play is a mode which has been included in casino software platforms to help players try playing games which they are not used to before playing for real money. It's highly recommended whether even if you're sure you want to play at a particular casino for real money that you first try the casino and see whether you are interested in the games. It's much relaxing to play for fun then to figure out that you no longer want to play at a casino after you've already bought credits. Something needs mentioning here is that the payout percentages for games are similar when you play in fun mode vs. real money mode. It's sometimes thought by players that casinos try to entice players by raising the returns to players in fun mode and this simply isn't true.

Basic Steps To Get Up And Run In Fun Mode:

 Download the online casino software and get it installed on your computer.

 Release the casino application from your desktop.

 Open a fun player account if you have not had one yet

 Log in the fun mode of the casino by a click to Free Play, Practice button which show that you'd

be playing for fun.

Note: That in the above example if you play at no download casino you just need to follow steps 3 and 4.

Play for real money at Online Casinos:

Playing for real money at online casino will permit you to get into games within the casino and play for

real money. This means that when you play whatever you win while you're playing will be considered

your winnings. It's also necessary to bear in mind thought that whatever you lose is also real money.

Usually, online casinos offer high payout's on their games since they don't have such and immense

overhead burden as physical casinos do. It's very popular to play games which are in excess of 95% when

playing online which is far better to payout's in the high eighty to low 90 percentile at physical casinos.

Basic Steps To Get Up And Run In Real Money Mode:

1. Download the casino software and install on your computer.

2. Operate the casino application from the desktop of your computer.

3. Register a real player account if you do not have already.

4. Log to real money mode at the casino by click the "Real Money, Money, etc..." button.

5. Come to the cashier/banking section of the casino by a click to "Cashier or Bank" button.

6. Deposit by using one of the many banking choices available at the online casino

(Note: Make sure you study about a lot of payment solutions either on Casino Advisor or on the

casinos web sites to ensure you'll be eligible to use desired means to make any deposits. Some

banking options do not let players who are from in the U.S. use their services).

7. After your deposit has been successfully you'll now be able to begin to play.

For all you newbies out there if there's one suggestion that you should try your best to try to play

as many different online casinos for free as you can. By this way you'll expose to many online

casino software that's out there and give you a chance of seeing what all the games are like and

what's the most interesting. The more you play, the more you'll discover different things about the

different products that are available. Some people, for example, really love to play in online

casino tournaments and often times not all casinos offer this kind of thing. When you play at real

money online casinos, you can change the mode of play and register for a real money online

casino player thus allow you to make real money deposits and win real money also. Come to

UCW88 for Malaysia online casino to enjoy for free now!
I will just take it for fun when I'm free, because gambling can earn money and still can loss money also, it is a big amount if we don't gamble everyday, don't take it seriously, this is what I want to say.
Thanks for the info, I'm absolutely a fan of free play AND real money. There's a difference buzz when there's something to lose!
Real money, but sometimes I test new games in a free mode.
Both of them seem fair to me, at least from my point of view. I started with free online slots and it was pure relaxation and fun, after that I started with real money and after a few disappointments I realized how to play & win.
At first, I started playing for a joke. But bro, I don't think it's a joke anymore. Gambling has become my primary source of income. What specific games do you prefer?
For both, but first play game for fun and completely known the game, then play for cash and earn real cash prizes.

I have list out some of the earn money games online:

  • Scrabble
  • Indian Rummy (Classic Rummy)
  • Battleship Online
  • Speed Sudoku
  • Connect Four Dots