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PENTA88 - New Bookmaker on BetInAsia


Apr 5, 2018
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Hi everyone,

BetInAsia is expanding its standalone bookmaker offer. We are glad to inform you that now you can open an individual PENTA88 sportsbook account.

PENTA88 has shown excellent value for our betting community as an integrated bookmaker on BetInAsia BLACK. It offers high odds on over 1000 football events every week and extensive coverage of all major football leagues and events.

Who should use PENTA88?
PENTA88 is best suited for professional bettors, arbers, and aspiring semi-pros.

PENTA88 offers highly competitive prices and margins, as low as BetISN and Pinnacle. You can find that PENTA88 offers the best odds on the market at least one-third of the time. With competitive Asian handicaps offer on football, it is an ideal solution for arbitrage bettors.

The offered markets include pre-match and live betting options with excellent early market offers to place your bets a couple of days in advance.
To open PENTA88 standalone account, visit BetInAsia and our dedicated support team will do the rest.

Kind Regards,