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Open Source Tool: SXTrader

Discussion in 'Betting Systems for Online Betting' started by sxtrader, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. sxtrader

    sxtrader New Bettor

    Sep 11, 2017
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    a few years back I developed a tool named SXTrader for fully automated trading on sport exchanges. As the sport exchanges closed their doors for germans in 2012/13 I also stopped the development on SXTrader.

    As it would be a pity when all the work will be lost I decided to make the sources of SXTrader Open Source under the MIT-License.

    You can find the link to the GitHub-Repository at the Download Site of my web site SXTrader.

    But be warned: The code is outdated and a few things won't work like the BETFAIR API or the Livetickers.

    A few things I would develop different nowadays but over all it should still be a stable design.

    I wish everybody a lot of fun with my code.

    If you want to contribute: The GitHub-Repository is public.
    If you have any question you can ask them here. I will try to answer them.
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