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Online casino games


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Jun 18, 2013
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hi friends,

Can any one suggest me casino site for play online casino game. And for win cash real money.

For US players I highly recommend Bovada and Club World Casinos. As a runner up I recommend trying Black Lotus Casino for the HD new slots.

For other gamblers from the UK, France, Italy, etc... I don't know, but those accept players from all over the world too.

Why am I picking Bovada as #1? :cool:

Because you didn't say what kind of games or what type of online casino you are searching for. :?:

They have slots from RTG and their own proprietary software giving a lot of gaming options, a real money mobile casino, sports betting, live poker, can't go wrong lol. :roll:

Club World is trusted to pay fast and be a very safe site to share your info with (required to cash out of any online casino) because they continually win awards for their customer service. If you want to really gamble hard on slot tournaments they have the best. Other RTG casino slot tournament prize pools are low compared to Club Worlds almost always.

If you have been playing for a long time you are probably kind-of board of the same old same old... Search for Black Lotus Casino Bonus and you will see there are free spins on the BETONSOFT slots. Because the other ones like it are run by a rogue company (just changed their name), Black Lotus (and Lotus Asia) are the only ones I trust with my money that have the new HD games. The other cool thing about them is the bonus money doesn't come out of the cash outs. Meaning the free spins are worth real money!

Anyway, I'm sure others will have more for you but here is a start =D
Now a days you can find so many websites online, My favourite are, All jackpots Casino(Welcome package AUD 500), betway casino(Sign-on bonus AUD 1000), winner casino(First deposit bonus AUD 500), here you can play your favourite game and can earn real money. for more casino site, visit website and read reviews of all the listed casinos.
Good Luck!
If you want an instant cashout every after game, you can refer below; legit, safe and secured.
Happy member here :)
You might want to try winning bitcoin and exchange it for real cash. This is what I’ve been doing because, for me, it’s safer to gamble with bitcoin than real cash. So I tried my luck in bitcoin casino Betcoin™, and it’s amazing how it makes my gambling experience stress-free and more convenient than ever before. With bitcoin, you can get faster withdrawal of your winnings; no transaction glitches at all.
I thought now a day has so many online casinos, How can I selected them to play?
I like classic slots
I really enjoy classic slots too! I don't know why people always play those games with too many features, I cannot understand what is happening. It took me a while to understand RTP, bonus games, and stuff like that. And now there's so many video slots that just overpack games with complicated features that no one understands.
Check casino reviews before you start playing, so you will be protected from unscrupulous casinos.