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OneBet: Promotion of Sharing bets placed


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Nov 5, 2020
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Good news!
OneBet, the first sports betting online platform in Uganda launch a campaign this Friday. The promotion is for all players, including registered and unregistered users. Participants in this promotion simply choose market and share the link of their bets placed with their friends, families or colleagues to stand a chance of winning up to UGX10,000,000. The more people who place bets through the bets you share, the higher your ranking will be. Next is the detailed operation steps:
How to play

1. Visit our website and click on either ‘register’(if you are a new customer of OneBet) or log in;

2. Place a bet and then share it by clicking the share button in the ticket;

3. The link can be sent directly through social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook or SMS.

4. Be successful once someone choose the same match as the bet shared and place bets through the shared link but this person can choose a different result.​

Status of winners

1. The award will be presented weekly to the top 10 participants with the highest number of clicks and bets;

2. The first winner will receive a cash award worth UGX10,000,000 ;

3. The second winner will receive a cash award worth UGX1,000 ,000 ;

4. The third winner will receive a cash bonus worth UGX500,000, including 250,000 bonus and 250,000 cash;​

5. The winners from 4th to10th will each receive a cash bonus worth UGX 100,000, including 50,000 cash and 50,000 bonus.

What you should know

1. All betting users who click on the share link will be counted. (Exclude yourself);

2. One person can connect with the same person to bet multiple times within 15 minutes, but the result is subject to settlement on our platform;

3. This promotion is ONLY applicable to Pre-match and Live bets

so Jackpot bets, Daily Jackpot and Intimate bet are NOT considered in this promotion;

All users can check their ranking on the charts.

The above is the details of the content of this campaign. The start time of this promotion is November 19th and the total duration is 10 days, so it will end on November 29th. If you want to participate in the game immediately and win the rewards, you can click on the following link: https://www.onebet.ug/en/betSharing.​