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OneBet Cameroon - Free XAF 100,000 Cash for New Register!


Nov 6, 2020
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OneBet, one of the newly launched betting sites in Cameroon. Offering 200% first deposit bonus and its various betting ways for customers must give a different online betting experience from other platforms. The Daily Jackpot, Intimate Bet and so on betting ways fits all customers’ appetite.

Opening the site for first time, you may find that OneBet has almost everything you need from a top-notch betting platform with an all-rounded array of sports and high odds to choose from.

Here are some features below.

Convenient and easy to understand

The site offers everything you need at a glance through attracting you with their account page part and home page. All sections in this sports betting site are designed to be convenient and easy-understanding for customers.

OneBet offers a large selection of sports that you can bet on at ONEBET. The design of today’s highlights, featured matches and top headers are considerate. The main top menu displays the most significant sports sections.

Especially, two hit sections you must have a try: Daily Jackpot and Intimate Bet.

Daily Jackpot

There is no doubt that everyone wants to win big. The sports betting platform has just that. OneBet has three jackpot offerings starting with the Grand Jackpot which one can earn up to 10M. All you need to do is correctly pick out the outcomes of 11/12 out of 13 selected games that start every draw. All correct-predicted winners will share the prize. Despite the Grand Jackpot, the Daily Jackpot must be mentioned.

Daily Jackpot not equals to Grand Jackpot. The two are much more different from each other!!!

Daily Jackpot gives fast payout in this sports betting site. Usually, there will be 8-13 selected matches from the official leagues. It takes less stake amount that deserves plying.

When you correct-predicted all matches, you can get XAF 1M prize immediately. No sharing prize, just XAF 1M for correct-predicted customer. This is the most important reason for you to take part in.

The Daily Jackpot winners are usually announced via various media including the website, and various social media platforms.

Intimate Bet


For football enthusiasts, Daily Jackpot may not enough. Therefore, to meet all football enthusiast’s need, this sports betting site’s various betting way - Intimate Bet must be your favorite. Varies from the ordinary sports betting site, the intimate bet offers for example:

1.which team will score first/last goal?

2.penalty kick?

3.Own goal?

And so on.......

Making a prediction from two choices is easy to get the right prediction and big win.

With simple betting, less choice and multiple markets, Intimate Bet really deserves trying.

Customer Support and Service

The customer support at ONEBET is quite responsive. The normal response time is 24 hours. Everyone can use the online help button at the bottom of the home page or account page to ask for support. The staff are very helpful and polite. Of course, not every situation is positive so this depends on the query you have for them. Overall, this sports betting site is very reasonable.


Owning various betting ways that make it a satisfying sports betting platform for Cameroon bettors. The bookie covers various markets, has a lot of sport betting games and several jackpot offers.

Besides, they have made the betting process easy, and new members can register easily using their mobile device or through the company’s website.

It’s pretty simple and convenient to bet online with ONEBET. Comparing with other sports betting site, ONEBET may be your best choice. Come and experience various betting ways here.

Website: https://www.onebet.cm/en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OneBet_CM-100285865161879/

App Download: https://www.onebet.cm/en/download


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