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next volcano to stop air traffic

are there bets for this ? :?

I find in paddypower

Singles Only,
Applies to the next Volcano to erupt with explosivity index of 3.0 or greater after 25th August 2010,
PP decision final in settlement.
Seulawah Agam 2.25
Ulawun (Papua New Guinea) 13.00
Sakurajima (Japan) 19.00

Galeras (Colombia) 2.87
Mt Vesuvius (Italy) 13.00
Casade range (USA) 21.00

Eyjafjallajökull 3.50
Colima (Mexico) 15.00
Stromboli (Italy) 21.00

Katla (Iceland) 4.00
Santorini (Greece) 15.00
Avachinsky (Russia) 23.00

Mt Unzen (Japan) 6.00
Taal (Philippines) 17.00
Etna (Italy) 29.00

Nyiragongo (DR Congo) 9.00
Rainier (USA) 17.00
Chaiten Volcano (Chile) 29.00

Merapi (Indonesia) 10.00
Teide (Spain, Canary Islands) 17.00
Santa Maria/Santiaguito (Guatemala) 34.00

Mauna Loa (USA) 11.00
Popocatepetl (Mexico) 19.00
Yellowstone (USA) 51.00
it's amazing, how people can make betting out of everything. recently i encountered a suicide case, a boy was about to jump from a window and some other boys downstairs were betting if he will jump or not :(((( so volcano eruption sounds quite ok with me!!!
I don't like to guess the calamity, Japan has suffered a lot. But it made me
think if the earthquake in Japan made the country 13 feet closer to United
States and it affects the axis of the earth by 1.60 microseconds. So it's
possible that the country near to Japan will also have this kind of calamity.
That is my guess. So scary though :?
I don't want to bet on this because I know it's hard to face calamities like earthquakes..