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NEW : Soccer Betting Statistics Website !! --> www.bstat.eu


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Nov 26, 2008
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Hello Everybody!! :D

I inform you that a new Soccer/Rugby Statistics website has been launched, it is http://www.bstat.eu/en/ !! ;)

It is a good site to help you predict and bet, and also for soccer statistics addicts !!

For Example : Premier League Stats- just go here : http://www.bstat.eu/en/soccer/england/championship/premier-league/44.html

You can find all Tables, Statistics, information and analyses of more than 98 Leagues & 65 different countries . There are Statistics on more than 200 000 matches...Good Tool for Sports Betting !

Have a good surf !!
What do you guys think about it ? :eek:

Thank you !! I'd love to have feed backs :D
The site looks great. It has a lot of info,keep on adding more if you want better search engine results :) I think it will grow into big site visited by many people if you keep working on it.
Maybe you can post a few rugby tips here, I'm completely blind on that sport :lol: