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(NEW POKER BOOK) Gain: Advanced strategic and exploitative poker


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Aug 20, 2023
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Ladies and gentlemen, fellow poker players, playerins and playerçons,

There is a new book on the market - "Gain: Advanced strategic and exploitative poker" by myself.
The book was originally intended as a high-ticket exclusive elite poker course on strategy and exploitative play,
however I decided to make it available to the general market at a low price.

In the eye of the storm of the GTO mass hysteria, I am presenting to you a fresh book to take a break from it and have a look at poker from another angle.
Learn the reasons to bet, and even though you are familiar with the three classic reasons to bet, there is much more to it, among many other advanced concepts.

I am working on the book and your support will raise my morale to do an even more amazing job.

I am kindly asking you to show support for the book by placing a pre-order NOW, right here at this Amazon link:

Thank you very much
The topic is useful for beginners, I looked at the site, I think it will come in handy.
Reasons to purchase:
1. to crush non-GTO players (and players often play poker specifically because of the assumption that non-GTO players exist on the tables)
2. to study the game further (GTO is not the end of the study)
3. to learn strategy, which has to do with thinking, not playing per se, and not even necessarily playing the game of poker

The book is for experts as well. There are more than 3 reasons to bet. "The mathematics of poker" is wrong at times, which will be discussed in the book, if I decide to write it in the first place (from my many notes). Because if I do not get enough interest, I won't bother to finish writing it.
I sincerely believe that those who think of GTO as the final stage of their development, they do not understand the game. Also I think they are recovering nits. And I mean not nits as a tactic on the table, but as a personality archetype. I.e. GTO is the new "being a nit", it is the new embodiment of a nit.