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New game with sponsor Betfair

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Jul 11, 2008
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I am happy to announce there will be new game with sponsor Betfair. We thank them for the opportunity to give free bets to our forum members.
The game will start 27th this month and will end on Sunday.
Expect the thread for commitments to be opened later today or tommorow.

Prizes are 15 GBP for 1st place, 10 GBP for 2nd place, 5 GBP for 3rd and are paid into your Betfair account currency.

Is this contest/game still going on?
I just joined the forum and I am looking for fun promotions.

No, it ended a few months ago, I don't have a time to find new sponsor.
Any news as for it if there's a current or new sponsor already?
Any news as for it if there's a current or new sponsor already?
There were some competitions this year, I think the forum gave more than 150$, but I had to stop it, maybe we will resume in the next year.
Happy new year admin!! What are your plans for this year?? Any new contests???
Happy New Year,I will try to setup new contests, but I cant promise.
dear admin, we need another contes please, i need that extra cash mate🙃