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New 10to15k betting System + Slow & Steady Progressive System


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Apr 20, 2021
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Hello everyone, I have made a new system that seems to be going pretty well, and would like to share it with you. It is called the 10to15k System as, if going all ok should transform 10 of your selected currency into 15k within 3 weeks. Also have made a system called Slow & Steady similar to the 10to15k but a bit more progressive which is thought to bring a lower steady income that can replace a normal wage.

Can be applied to any sport. Also I included on the website updates of the results of the predictions (weekly update) so you can see what type of games we normally go for and how we get to the 1.50ish odd presented below. Also, there is a full explanation including pictures on the website and free for all to read and try out.

I do offer free daily tips for the slow & steady and other random games + have a premium service for the 10to15k. if you think that's something for you great!.

However, to summarize:

The website was launched last week (15th April)

The problem with making big money is that you have to stake big as well, otherwise it's much more of a gamble, so we devised this system for the average punter who just wants to try it out with only 10. You lose it, no problem... it won't affect your mortgage.

This system is own made and you won't find it anywhere else, unless someone copies me.

The 10to15k system is a type of progressive system/strategy where we take the amount won in the previous day and reinvest it. It works exponentially, meaning that on the third day the profits are exponentially higher than on the first day. By our calculations you only need to get through the first 3 days to be able to cover your weekly 10 bet for over 2 years. So if you manage to do just the 1st week of the system (3 days) you are covered for over 2 years. The system is made in such a way that you are supposed to withdraw after every week, and in case of a loss so you don't go into your winning. Also the idea is that, if on day 1 you fail, you only bet the following week, as chasing the dragon can lead to serious losses.

And the system is basically an accumulator of 4 games at odds of 1.50ish each (makes the total acca of 5, after much trial and error we realized that odds of 4 are not big enough for big wins as it involves too many games, and odds of 6 require to high odds which are very hard to get on a regular basis). It's great if you make odds of 5.20/5.40 as after the second day you can put aside your initial investment so even if you lose you haven't lost anything. It can even be an accumulator of 3 games at 1.70ish each, or 2 games one at 2.50 other at 2.00 (bet builder between btts, over 2.5 and corners works mostly)

We include a second system/strategy called the Slow And steady system. It's the same 4-match acca but with games that are almost sure winners (we manage an impressive 5 out of 6 on our predictions so far). The slow and steady is progressive but you have to keep reinvesting a number of days until you get to a specific amount. then have a break and then, the following week, withdraw the winning after every ticket. (currently the best way to make a steady $50 a day)

Access to the system's full explanation is absolutely free and we appreciate any other feedback.

Lastly, we have compiled a soccer betting guide to help you in learning how to find good games.

We would like to see different people trying this out and see how it works for you.

Website: www.10to15k.com

Let me know what you think.