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NBA Sunday (1 Nov)


Sep 18, 2009
Reaction score
Date :02 Nov
Sport: Basketball
Match / Event: NBA (Lakers - Hawks)
Market: Asian Handicap
Pick: Lakers -6.5
Odds: 1.95
Stake: 8
Bookie: Pinnacle

Los Angeles Lakers – Atlanta Hawks I think that line of 9 points would have been more accurate here, but I believe it will be DD win anyway. I believe that Hawks will struggle on a road as many talented, but young team are. I can't see myself taking Hawks on a road too many times this season, unless the line will be really too good not to take. Last year they struggled on a road, especially in the West and this is the same team, only year older and with Crawford. Lakers need the W here. They don't want two losses in Staples Center in a row and they need Artest to feel good, especially while Gasol is out, so Odom plays PF and doesn't threat Artest's position. Hawks don't have anything coming close to Kobe stopper, especially if they want to save Johnson and Smith from foul troubles and with Bynum that looks good against the improving Horford, we got a team that has a decent bench in front court, but thin in the back, with only one true PG in the roster, against one of the best, deepest back courts in the league that great at pressuring the ball. Bibby will have a very tough time and with Atlanta going on a four games road trip and will play three games in four night, I doubt they will try to give 110% in that much of all possible games in this road trip. Lakers 104 – Hawks 90 is the projected score, maybe Lakers will even get to 110 and that will leave Hawks will almost no chances to win and even to cover the line.
L. A. Lakers 118 ( 27 37 34 20 )

Atlanta Hawks 110 ( 25 33 18 34 )

Great prediction.