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NBA News LeBron James Questionable in Season Opener


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Apr 19, 2013
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Ohio - Since the release of the schedule of NBA season 2017-18 the first match up will be the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics and really an interesting rematch of Eastern Conference finals. However, according to head coach Tyron Lue when he asked by the reporter concerning LeBron James will be playing in the opening match up because he only played once in their 5 preseason games.

"He went through probably one-fourth of the practice, Some plays, teaching stuff, some just 5-on-0 offensive stuff, getting up and down the floor. He went through that stuff today, and he went and got cardio in the weight room." Tyron stated.

Asking coach Lue regarding James:
"You got to ask him. You got to see how it feels. Just getting the treatment, working the right way and see what happens." Lue stated.