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NBA News Andrew Wiggins Max Deal Meeting First With Owner

Discussion in 'Basketball' started by AsiaMan, Aug 10, 2017.

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    Apr 19, 2013
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    Minnesota - Owner of the Timberwolves Glen Taylor stated Monday that he is willing to close a deal to star guard rookie Andrew Wiggins for a max level agreement. However before anything else he first wants to discuss with Andrew concerning the franchise fashion in the league.

    "To me, by making this offer, I'm speculating that his contribution to the team will be more in the future," Taylor told The Associated Press. "We've got to be better. He can't be paid just for what he's doing today. He's got to be better." Taylor stated to the Associated Press.

    "So when you're talking about negotiations on his part, I'm already extending to him that I'm willing to meet the max. But there are some things that I need out of him, and that is the commitment to be a better player than you are today." The owner added.

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