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Apr 19, 2013
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The long wait is over and the full schedule of the NBA 2017-18 season has finally released, so we can take some interesting and most intrigue match ups to watch. Its time to mark up this most popular engagements:

On Monday December 25, 2017. Boston Celtics vs. Washington Wizards - John Wall squad first visit to Boston within this season that shows interesting entertainment. A rival over the past two years and the last playoff series went seven games with full of physical connections.

Also on Monday December 25,2 107. The crowds favorite match up around the world and like a TV series that consist of past three NBA Finals rematch and its about to test again with the greatest rival in the modern NBA. There is more plenty to watch with reigning Finals MVP Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and the squad to welcome LeBron James team to settle again back in the popular bay.