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Nations League Predictions 22 September 2022


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Dec 7, 2021
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nations league predictions

Nations League Predictions 22 September 2022​

Nations league predictions​

The predictions of the matches scheduled for today, Thursday 22 September 2022, are back, with tips on the multiples to play and with which to direct your bets, also taking advantage of the welcome bonuses offered by the various bookmakers.

For today we have prepared a bet slip made up of five nations league matches that we take from the schedule for this Thursday 22 September, giving as many tips as possible for your bets.

In today's betting slip, we analyse the matches on today's schedule from the 2022/2023 Nations League. Here are today's tips and predictions for today, Thursday 22 September 2022.

EuropeBelgium vs Wales1 FT1.36
EuropeKazakhstan vs Belarus1x1.28
EuropePoland vs NetherlandGG1.72

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