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Must have tool for football betting!


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Aug 14, 2017
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Hi guys,

want to introduce you new tool for football betting:

We started 4 years ago with site called rball.db.com as we saw a need for football games inplay statistics and new site have grown up from that. This means, that we have 4 years of games inplay data! New tool features:

You can see all football games inplay data - Ball pos, shots on target, shots off target, corners, cards, attacks, dangerous attacks.

You can see bet365 closeing odds and follow inplay odds

You can see league tables, H2H games, games against mutual opponents, home form and away form

You can soon set notifications when some certain criteria have been met during inplay. For example, home team favourite of odds 1.5 or smaller concedes first goal in first half

You can set teams into your favourites and soon you can get notifcations when this team starts playing.

You can set information tab to your teams. For example, Barrow got 3 red cards and 3 important players injured and set up notification when their game comes into inplay.

You set write notes to the leagues also.

You can check previous games stats on the graphs. Whats the average 1st half goals and corners, whats the average number of attacks per goal etc.

We are working at the moment also on phone app, getting odds graph better and let you know when theres big odds change during inplay without a goal or card.

The site itself is far from ready and we have a lot of ideas about how to make it better - lineups and abilty to compare missing important players, odds movements from opening odds to closeing odds, add teams twitter and homepages, weather info, distance between teams.

Any questions, inquiries, ideas im willing to listen. Also you can add me in facebook - StatisticSportsDice

Also you try the site out free in first 24h. Im also willing to listen any ideas about coooperation about promoting:)
Hi guys,

we have come out with version 2 of inplay statistics site. The site is unique in many ways and offers the tools for you which will make
your life much easier and saves you a lot of time when you are betting. We have database of bigger leagues teams twitter and FB feeds, all inplay stats, previous games stats for 5 years. You can add notes to teams and leagues, check the Bet365 odds for old games and inplay games plus many more features:

We have a big inplay statistics database with odds for main lines, we have inplay statistics for live games which can be sorted and shaped how you want.
We have unique pre game stats due to the historical data and odds we have been collecting.
You can add teams notes, leagues notes and get the marked teams and leagues notifications. We have added teams twitter and facebook feeds for bigger leagues and continue to expand this base into lower leagues with teams homepages.
For inplay betting, you can sort full time stats and for example last 25 minutes stats. On the same way you can sort all inplay related data, includeing shots, cards, corners, attacks etc.
You can easily compare teams latest results, H2H matches and also matches against mutual opponents in one click.
Bigger development plans include mobile app, customizable notifications, odds feed and odds graphs with lineups and player stats.

We are looking into any cooperation and of course long term cooperations.
We are looking for example well knowned tipsters, site owners, forums owners to work with us on the same goal - to make the site better and that we can reach to all potential punters who could benefit on useing the site.

We can also offer our statistics and feed to some betting related sites in exchange.

Link to the site: http://bit.ly/2xweeS2
Great news as we have now UPCOMEING GAMES SCHEDULE up and working for some weeks! You can monitor games odds movements and add games into your favourites from schedule. Also big news as we are working now on mobile app and customizable notifications!
Check the tool and use your FREE TRIAL! Everyone willing to work as affiliate for us can contact me also!
We offer also FREE TRIAL for 7 days guys...for testing the tool and also have some good tutorials on the site to see what we offer and how to use it. Just a little reminder, that for free trial you still have to register and confirm the payment for example through credit card, Skrill or Paypal and you can cancel the payment any time during the free trial period!
Hi and thanks for question. We dont need if you will set the payment up through Skrill or Neteller. Both are respected payment providers and will hold your payment until the free trial and you can cancel the payment during the trial payment without questions asked.

Also would like to know if anyone from this forum have tried and tested the tool out? Any questions or suggestions about how to make the tool better?:)

We added a lot of new filters on live games page! Total shots counts is added and you can add-remove different stats panels. Also, you can change the order of the stats panels. Keep in mind that new settings panel is far from ready yet, as we will add opening and closeing lines and odds also to the live games page. Also you can set colourd codes parametres now manually as you would prefer to see them!

Link to the tool: bit.ly/statisticsports

Better late than never!
We can finally announce some big developments. First one is customizable notifications:
You can find them by clicking on bell icon on top of the page, right side, after Log Out button.
Click on Create New Rule:
Notification Name - name the notification how you prefer. Notification name will be shown when you get the notification on the desktop and on the mobile app (Out before WC).
With country and league, you can set the...country and league where the notification will work on criteria. When you leave it blank, all the games will be taken into account.
In the next row, you can the game time value. By setting it between 55 to 75, only games between this time range will be searched for further criteria before giving you the notification.
In the last row, you can add the criteria and add new ones by clicking on the plus And icon.
Time Period - Pregame: Here you can add pregame lines and odds criteria. Closing odds and pre game odds, which means you can also add the lines/odds movement.
Also you can add Current game stats and odds and add stats from momentum (last 15-25-35).

Mobile app will be out before WC! Best app on the market for in-play stats and following the games scores. Add games into your favourites, get notifications and games results.

Also we have in-play line notifications where you can set the tool to give you a notification for example when home team -1.5 asian lines changes to -1 with your minimum requested odds!

Link to the tool: bit.ly/statisticsports

Pictures of the notifications tool:



We now offer also a mobile app for our Deluxe and Platinum subscribers!
Mobile app forwards you notification alerts for your customizable notifications. Notifications you can create from the desktop tool and alerts will come to desktop and also
to mobile app. App allows you also to check 1st and 2nd half stats, compare momentum statistics, check you notification games final results and check schedule for upcomeing games.
Also website have had some important new features added.
Go check the tool and use your 7 days free trial, several different payment options now available!

Link to the tool: bit.ly/statisticsports
You've built a pretty solid platform. Well done mate :)
Thank you Ivan, years of hard work behind it and we are still developing it hard. There's 4-5 big developments still on whiteboard and in a year we want to provide a tool where you can find squad info, lineups, teams value, missing players, compare odds, use pre game and inplay stats and of course, mobile app with notifications:). So a lot have been done but at least as much still to do:)
Hi guys, we are looking for possible collaborations and affiliates for our constantly growing betting and trading tool!
We are offering you affiliate links, banners, commission and lifetime payments option. Also, we do have already some partners making passive income
and looking for site, groups and forums owners with betting content! Also tipsters are welcome!
Our site have had another several big developments in recent months and already during this year we are the only betting site in the world who offers inplay stats, pre game stats, odds feed, customizable notifications, inplay alerts and mobile app all in one package! Link to the tool: http://bit.ly/statisticsports

You can also contact me on: allar@statisticsports.com
Thanks for the information. There is a lot of terminology that I need to look up since I am a beginner
Hi Eric, you can also find some help from Features tab and under Tutorials. Also suggest to use the free trial of 7 days for Deluxe package instead of Lite.