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Most Popular Casino Games in Japan


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Jul 11, 2008
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Japan is a nation that loves gambling yet in which, due to conservative and old-fashioned laws, gambling remains largely banned.

The forthcoming integrated resorts bill, coupled with the rise of online casino sites operating from overseas have been a cause for optimism for many involved in the Japanese gambling industry.

The fact is that many Japanese love to gamble whether by playing traditional games of pachinko or by logging on to a foreign online slots site. In this article, we will take a look at the most popular casino games in Japan, assessing which are the top games and why they are so beloved.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the top three most popular casino games in Japan today and look at exactly what makes these options so widely adored in the East Asian nation.


Across Japan, slots are becoming immensely popular and are beginning to rival pachinko as the nation’s favourite way to gamble! By accessing foreign online casinos, Japanese players can enjoy highly stimulating slots games such as the national favorite Hawaiian Dream slot game (ハワイアンドリームスロット). Thanks to the Japanese love for video games, the new generation of all-action slots have proved a huge hit in the nation.

Some games are created specifically with Japanese players in mind. By mixing the excitement of Western slots games with anime visuals tailored to Japanese tastes, software companies are making serious inroads in Japan!


Increasingly, online Poker is booming in popularity all over Japan. Generally offered by foreign online casino sites, poker has been taken to heart by the Japanese who enjoy the blend of skills, chance and sheer excitement that the game provides.

Who knows, perhaps we will see an increase in the number of Japanese poker superstars in future due to the surge in online poker players across the nation.


Pachinko remains Japan’s most widely enjoyed form of gambling. This pinball-like game blends skill and chance to create what is a highly exciting and playable experience.

Pachinko is enjoyed in parlors across Japan and remains legal thanks to the fact that players are paid in vouchers which are then exchanged for cash, rather than directly being paid in cash.

Popular with players of all ages and with some truly wild, interesting machine that blends many areas of Japanese culture and media, pachinko is beloved across the nation. With that said, the rise of slots and online casino sites from abroad, coupled with the proposed IR bill currently being processed by the national government will certainly have ruffled some feathers in the industry, which some predict will decline in the coming years.

Overall, it can be said that the most popular casino games in Japan are slots, poker and of course pachinko, which is actually the only legal form of organised gambling in the nation. The unstoppable rise of online casino sites, coupled with pending reform for Japanese gambling laws, means that the nation looks set for a gambling revolution in the coming years.